God Bless America

Fake Xtians love to say God bless america

But I don't think it means what they think it means. That is, if they gave their unabashed idolatry a second thought.

God Bless America is a supplication, a prayer asking for god's blessing apon our nation.

However, it is often used and talked of as though God's blessing was an inherent aspect of our nation. This sort of thinking goes doubly so for the "America is a Christian nation" crowd, who want 20 foot jesuses crucified outside every government building and every small male child should be forced to do ten mile cross country hikes while carrying stone tablets with the ten or so commandments etched into them (female children should be impregnated within a day or two of their first ovulation of course).

But they miss the bits of the bible that state quite clearly that Isreal (that bizarre mythical Xanadu rather than the actual nation of Isreal) is the true nation of god, and the Isrealites (jews, and all other semites) are the only true people of god. Those bits are irrelevant to them of course, made redundant by late sections, but only bits of those early sections are redundant, the bits that can't be used as blunt retorical wepaons over the heads of our enemies (who are hated for being free of self contradiction, relativism is the one true god, but our god is bigger, punk)

This should be cause for massive theological intrspection but sadly, no. I forgot for a second, We're immortal and incorruptable, we are the great green Ubermensch of benevolent demochristianity.

We want to believe we're christian, while repeating for the hundreth time verses and biblical mantras that have no meaning left to us, and that wash over our actions and our souls without affecting either.

It's nothing more than bleeting, and as we bleet, so too are we shorn by those wolves who can fake the accent but weren't foolish enough to believe in the first place.
We're being used and made fools of, as the Germans were before them.

God bless America

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