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What to do what to do?

Imperialists have been messing with Iraq since the british came over a century ago, white folk never stopped fucking, never stopped thrusting, never stopped abusing this womb of civilisation with the coathangers of our whiteman's hubris, that made rome and britain and france and germany fall.

An idea that needs to be pounded into all children: Patriotism and Imperialism are mutually exclusive concepts.

Now an idea that is currently bubbling around the anti-war conciousness is that people should start planning for the idea of withdrawal, because this is a poltical battle that exists on a platonic plane that never intersects with Our charnel house in Iraq. Withdrawal is just a slogan.

Let me put this a politely as I can:

Fuck you John Hayden and your pathetic intelligensia Democratic-representative esque strictly political posturing. We do not want your pacifier of eventual withdrawal becasue people are dying and your solution won't please the war mongers, and it won't please the peace yearners, and it won't even sway the fucking wavering swing war/anti-war proles, because the arguement that John Hayden's pushing is designed to please the falsies who reiterate "but we can't just cut and run can we?", while sniggering behind their hand at how little they really care about the people of Iraq.

We can't make things better. We are making things worse, worse than Saddam was ever able because he at least liked to keep up the impression of law and order on the streets if not the idea of justice. Our continued excursions in Iraq will make it worse and worse and worse, and knowing this, and knowing there is no possible way we can pullout - no matter how slowly we do it thanks to the barbed phallus of the US army - that would improve things, there is also no reason to spend anymore time than neccesary pulling out in the first place, it's not moral and it's not sensical, and it is therefore a rather obvious political delaying tactic from people who do not really want america to withdraw.

Think about it: If America were the occupied country, and the Iraqi occupiers were inflicting as many if not more casulaties to the american populace as the dozen or so civil war armies that are existing in our now truly libertarian republic, if the Iraqi occupiers were not just killing people by accident but actively pursuing a policy of torture and pillage against the american people and teaching the "american" government they have set up in the ways of torturing and pillaging (so that the Iraqi governement doesn't get personally embroiled in another scandal like at Alcatraz) would you, as an american, want the Iraqis to stay in the country to "fix" the chaos and disorder they brought (and which they can't actually fix if you're being realistic, otherwise they'd not need to leave would they?) or would you want them to leave as quickly as possible and to stay the hell out of it afterwards?

The only real delay to a moral and immediate withdrawal from Iraq is the little matter of the Kurds and Turkey, which Hayden has ignored completely, and that is where a withdrawal plan should and will have to focus on morally, because the Kurds may be the only people in Iraq right now who can come out ahead of the occupation, if we do it right.

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firefall said...

One (very minor point) - the brits weren't the start of foreign oppressors in Iraq: before them were the Ottoman Empire (Turks, ruling Arabs) .. and before that you have to actually go all the way back to the Neo-Assyrian Empire to find a time when Iraq wasn't under foreign rule.

Oh, and - unimaginably dreadful as this might seem - the current complete & utter shambles in Iraq is _still_ less lethal to Iraqis than Saddam's government was (an estimated 100,000 per annum for the period 1991-2001: haven't seen estimates of how many were killed in the Iraq/Iran war, but it's gotta be at least that many as well).

Not that I disagree that pulling out is the only sane option, at this point in time: I just dont like to see the evil Saddam wrought being understated.