If you're going to bend over, at least do so correctly

"So you lost? Did you remember what I taught you about the palm tree in the hurricane?"

"Yes master, when a typhoon blows at a palm tree it yields to the wind and thus survives, but master! I tried to bend and yield to my enemy's blows, but I still lost."

"That is because you are not a palm tree, and have not spent a life time learning how to bend to the wind without being torn from the earth. Bending is not the trick, how you bend is."

As it seems like the Dems are determined to roll over and over with each new anti-choicer and hollow bush admin sock puppet nominee and initiative, because putting up even a token resistance would make the dems look impolite, or something, let me put my wingnut hat on for second and give the dems some music to get elected by:

Stop giving in on cultural issues and offer tax breaks, I'm serious.

When talking about the abortion issue the prohibition era is often cited as an example of how, even when something is made illegal, it will still carry on regardless as long as there is a demand for it. But another lesson to be learned is that something with true popular opposition will be outlawed or relegalised, and more to the point, if something has enough of a demand that it will continue on regardless of the law, then it will be relegalised eventually anyway (mary joe anna et al), amendments and laws were made for breaking and revision after all, and I can cite the founder's original intent with muhc certainty on this.
What this can tell dem politicos is that if abortion and pro-choice issues didn't have wide ranging popular support (even pro-lifers use abortion clinics for pete's sake!) then it would not have stayed such an issue for so long, it would already be illegal and we pro-choicers would be mixing up emergency contraceptive pills in our bath tubs rather than blocking pro-choicer attempts to stop women getting into the clinics.

The American people have been making their choice for decades now, and they were pro, so giving in on this issue seems more suicidal than is usual for the dems.

No, Tax Breaks are the issue you need to out do them with, it would have helped if you'd opposed the bankruptcy bill a bit more but never mind, you can always retcon things later on after you've promised the big media org owners a shit load of tax breaks.
Yeah, hopefully you're seeing the point, but if not let me walk you through it.

What political power does cutting taxes for haliburton give the repugs really? Oh sure, they can make out they're cutting everyone's taxes, but when they are not only not cutting taxes for middle and working class people, but actually making sure that the various parasitic business' that do get tax breaks are better able to extract money out of the working and middle class people, it can be argued that as far as the little guy is concerned he's actually being taxed more than he was thanks to repuglican government, even if it's a truly special tax that doesn't get wasted on such fiendish communist social programs as Social Security or road maintenance.

Nah, the true political power of tax breaks stems from the people who make sure the average working and middle class voters don't notice the lack of tax cuts and the support of things like the bankruptcy bill that are marks of true republicanism these days.
The Main Stream Media, all of which is owned and controlled by a bunch of people who gain tremendously from republican and not democratic governments thanks to tax breaks and a noise machine that will gladly advertise, without meaning to, things the MSM wants to sell.

Now the dems cannot mimic the noise machine, but that is a mere sideshow compared to having a bunch of people able to appoint who dictates what the MSM is legally allowed to do, both business and content wise, and who also give them huge tax breaks and other sorts of cash incentives for pumping out just enough propaganda to keep the repugs in power and looking electable and edible compared to the smelly old meanie headed democrats.

Example: During the last week or so of the elections, a news story broke about the qa'qar (or whatever) weapon dump being opened to the public by our brave boys in desert camo, and not sealed and dealt with like the huge pile of military armaments it was.
This of course was on the news for a few days before the true story of that week broke; The prospective dem Vice pOTus called dick Cheney's openly gay daughter a lesbian, this story knocked the weapon dump fiasco right off the front pages of the news papers, bumped it down to 2nd or 3rd in the running order of televisual new progs and made sure that all that most of the red staters heard during the last few days of the election run up was that Edwards had called dick Cheney's daughter gay.

Of course, you cry, the media has been quite unsupporting of the The Man recently, how do you explain that?

Well, I say in reply, The Bush Admin (hopefully) cannot get elected again can it? And as the political game is all about the figure heads and not the party itself and it's policies, slamming the figure heads is totally okay, just so long as no one starts pointing out the failures of the various policies that the next gov will want to keep (like abstinence only ed and things like that).

The British political landscape is another place to look at for an example of what I'm talking about, the British press has been quite consistently slamming Blair's Britain up until the election campaigning began, at which point everyone dogpiled onto the burning issue of the day: How much The Conservatives suck toast, some said lots, others said more.
The liberal dems were of course an unimportant speck on the political landscape, ignore ignore ignore, so of course, now that the election is over, the papers have returned to asking why Labour haven't done any of the things the liberal dems promised they would do if elected.
Why is this? Because Blair and his labour party own the media through a complex series of tax cuts, backhanders and regulatory hand outs.

So Dems, if you want to get re-elected, forget about trying to out culture the republicans, they're scum and you don't get more cultured than that, forget about promising to give up things that even your opponents aren't crazy enough to get rid of, no, tax cuts and a control of the media from those tax cuts is how your idols across the ocean did it, and that's how you will probably have to do it unless you start deciding to fight and decide to change the rules the republicans set for you.

Being polite and pro-tax cut won't cut it, this is America after all, and your words will always be used against you by the bought media regardless of what you actually say, so unless you can outbid the repugs or win the propaganda war some other way, you will never win without being outspokenly unwavering about what you believe in and what you stand for, rather than trying to convince people you're for everything and everyone while your opponents are loudly outspoken about their beliefs and political stance.

And that gets people voting for repugs not because they actually agree with their stance but rather because they at least they know where the repugs stand, which is upright and not bent over and clutching at their ankles for maximum penetration.*

Give the american people the choice of two different parties to choose from and it's a pretty safe bet that they'll make the same choice they've been making for the last few decades, The People are more consistent than politicians in that regard.

*No offence intended to those inclined to teh ass fucking, it's the The Patriarchy's metaphor, blame it.

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