"The truth is that many women who have abortions end up regretting it"

However the truth's Truth is that many women don't want to regret having a scientifically verifiable human being, or dying in the process of having one, yet I some how doubt that a crisis pregnancy center mentions that the likelyhood of death or injury during the pregnancy and birth is actually higher than if you were a soldier stationed in Iraq right now.

That's why the slogan for such places is "There's a violent insurgency in your stomach and the moral judgement of everyone but you is invited!", right?

Truth? Don't give me "truth", Emotional Manipulation Clinics not only couldn't handle the truth, but when they were first introduced to the truth they broke out in hives and ran away to an obscure part of the countryside where they proceeded to burying themselves fifty feet underground using nothing more than the rapidly rotating body of George "I cannot tell a lie" Washington, rather than ever risk coming into contact with the truth again.

How hugely fat a liar are Crisis Pregancy centers though? Judging from what is essentially a abortion FAQ at www.mypregnancychoices.org, they are so fat that every time they turn around it's their birthday.

now the first bullet point is innocuous enough, a free lab test to confirm that a woman is pregnant, but from there it moves gradually down hill...

2. Have your pregnancy confirmed by someone who does not gain financially from abortions

But why?

Carol Everett, a former abortion provider, testified in Congress that she regularly sold abortions to women who were not pregnant but feared they were. We can provide a free confidential medical exam and ultrasound from which the doctor can confirm pregnancy and answer any other medically related concerns you have.

Because a conwoman once used it as a ploy to make money of course! It then predictably goes on to give out other bits of sage advice such as "don't accept alchoholic drinks from someone who would gain financially from watering down things you order" and "Don't buy a car from someone who gains financially from overcharging you" (just kidding, it's not consistent of course). That it also, while being 100% true, relies on the reader not knowing that the likelyhood of being conned in this way is infinitesimal (that they found one(1) example, rather than were able to provide a statistic says as much), and begins a common theme through out the page of breaking the "thou shalt not bare false witness" commandment with glee and wild regularity.

3. Be sure you have a live, uterine pregnancy

Lest you be subject to a zombie uprising in your own womb!

31% of pregnancies end early by natural miscarriage. The free medical visit we offer can confirm a live uterine pregnancy. Without this information an abortion could cause unnecessary damage to you.

Now again, no lies per se, but the wording is blatantly nothing more than weasly dishonest word lawyering rather than "the Truth", the implication to an ignorant reader is supposed to be that A) abortion clinics won't confirm the pregnancy and just plow in with a shovel and vacuum cleaner without bothering to check and B) that it is somehow rare or special for them to offer this basic medical exam, and so the reader shouldn't bother to shop around for a place that won't serve up pious bullshit with the advice/test.

It's of course possible for these centers to give false negatives so that a pregnancy might carry along to the point where the medical effects of having an abortion or the development of the fetus cause the pregnant woman to decide to keep it, however this IS total speculation, it's possible, nothing more, but as most deaths related to pregnancy occur due to lack of proper pre-natal care, it's something to be very very, VERY, careful of when dealing with an organisation run and manned by people who consider you not having an abortion one of those thing God is apparently going to judge them on in the hereafter.

4. Do not allow anyone to sell you a surgical abortion prior to the 8th week

For does not the buddhist saying go: If you meet the door to door surgical abortion salesman in the road, strike him dead!

This is one of the more outrageous claims this website claims, as it tries to scare away from teh abortion clinics women who come to this page looking for advice by implying that abortions prior to the 8th week involve surgical abortions, when they really don't, no qualified doctor would do such a thing unless there was no other option, they certainly wouldn't try to "sell" you one, a dead patient can't pay them after all (so even within their pathetic profit-motive-abortinist paradigm it's stupid), but more importantly, and what makes this scaremongering so outrageous, is that every week past the 8th that a pregnancy carries on increase the chance of morbidity, as a surgical procedure (which always come with the risk of death, even for something as simple as an appendectomy) becomes more and more likely, increasing by about 1% - 2% for every week past the 8th. Like all parasitic infestations, early diagnoses will save your life.

Providers may sell you one but then will not "guarantee success" prior to the eighth week.

Well it's true, they really might, though they probably won't if they're semi-competent doctors who care about what they're doing, though they of course won't be because abortions pay so well that it actually makes up for the constant harrassment and threats to your life. Which is why Abortion Clinics are the very embodiment of the libertarian FreeMarket Dream, a thing that turns such a HUUUUUGE profit that it survives despite huge regulatory and social pressures to close. Also, killing your patients just for kicks is good buisness practice.

First Lie: Abortion providers are not likely to sell you one, chemical abortions are easier, cheaper and don't carry the standard risks that any surgical operation entail. But in their lame "you can't sue me!" word lawyering ass-covering, yes, surgical abortions are not guaranteed succes, unless your operating table is covered in a material other than green felt and the doctor keeps having to move the pool balls out of his way mid-procedure.

The fetus is simply too small to locate. Abortion is already a blind procedure (by feel and guess work)

Unlike every other invasive medical procedure in which you're not allowed to crack open the body fully and look, and the doctor is unable to use an endoscope of any kind for Reasons, strange and mysterious reasons, wooOOOOooo! What's funny is that you should remember that line about how small the fetus is, it's relevent later.

and when done prior to the eighth week, the dangers of internal damage is severe. In trying to detach the fetus from the uterine wall, the suction tube may perforate your uterus and bowel. More commonly, the abortion is incomplete, part of the fetus may be left behind causing severe infection, leading to infertility and in some cases, toxic poisoning and death. Don't be the victim of someone's desire to make a quick cash sale.

"Dangers", "may", with abortion the possibilities are endless, but really vague. Also, to reiterate again, most doctors will suggest chemical based abortions, so invasive surgical procedures aren't really the thing that should be worrying you before the 8th week, after that however you'll have to have a surgical abortion and risk all the complications that could occur from a surgical procedure.

So remember not to have an abortion before the 8th week! Or else you might live and get away with having had sex, you whore.

5. Ask for the name of the doctor performing the abortion.

Abortion is legal; malpractice and substandard medical care are not. Unless you insist on knowing the name of the doctor, they may not tell you. (Lie) In case of injury, the abortionist may be relying on your not wanting anyone to know you were ever at their clinic; (hmm, a problem stemming from women not wanting to go through the public humiliation and judging of her peers, who's fault could THAT be I wonder?) they may be counting on your not knowing who to hold accountable for the malpractice. In order to protect your interests in case of injury, know your doctor's name.

Sure a doctor will usually just up and give you his/her name apon seeing you for the first time for free, and will usually have a name tag on their coat, but ask anyway, because they might be a redneck. Whoa, sorry, for a second there I think I stepped inside the boundaries of the Scaremonger Zone, a place not of sight or sound, but of sheer stupidity.

6. Verify that the doctor is competent and caring.

As a matter of consumer protection, the Board of Medicine is now disclosing the educational background, the number of complaints and the malpractice suits against doctors through the Physicians Profile Department of the Mississippi State Board of Medicine. Call (601) 987-3079 (M-F 8:00am--5pm). You deserve competent treatment. In case of complications, call your local hospital prior to the abortion, and confirm that the doctor has privileges to practice there.

Also good advice if you're having you appendix whipped out, so remember women folk! Tis better to die of appendicitus than to have sex and die during child birth. Also, while I'm giving out general advice, remember to have your pets neutered.

Oh and while I'm at it, an update to my personal Post-Millenial Plagues List: False rape accusations, bird flu, rains of fish and now Fake Doctors.

7. Be aware that all abortions carry health risks. About 10% of woman undergoing elective abortion will suffer immediate complications, of which about 2% are considered life threatening.

But it's still much less dangerous than cooking a meal for your family, but you know, abortion is EEEEEvil and elective abortions plant a tiny little demon inside your womb that slowly kills you over the course of several months before painfully bursting out of your body (or is that what happens when you carry a pregnancy to term? Why yes, yes it is).

Surgical abortion risks include (but are not limited to):

Ectopic pregnancies: Studies show that the risk of an ectopic or tubal (not in the uterus) pregnancy is 30% higher for women who have had one abortion, and up to four times higher for women with two or more abortions. Ectopic pregnancies account for 12% of pregnancy related maternal deaths.

Ectopic pregnancies actaully account for 10% of pregnancy related maternal deaths, but ectopic pregnancies are also caused by
"previous tubal pregnancy or surgery, pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), endometriosis, salpingitis isthmica nodosa, pelvic adhesions, pelvic tumors, atrophic endometrium, septate uterus, presence of an intrauterine device (IUD) and oral contraceptive use. So basically conception causes ectopic prenancies, so remember to get your dog and boy toy neutered at the same time to save trouble."

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID): 5% of women suffer PID following induced abortion. PID can lead to fever and infertility. There is a 23% higher risk of infection if you have an STD. 40% of the sexually active are suspected carriers of STD's.

A PID is also much more likely to occur due to a already extant chlamydia infection, as is infertility, however chlamydia is screened for before an abortion and antibiotics that will clear up both the disease and the infection will be prescribed if you test positive. I must also point out (as a staunch proponent of Infertility-Only Education) that infertility is the only 100% effective method of contraception for people who ever want to have sex.

Breast Cancer: An analysis of all reputable studies done to date suggests that women who abort face an alarming 50% increase in breast cancer, a rate which doubles with each successive abortion, if the woman is under 18 or over 30 years of age or has a family history of breast cancer.

Actually an analysis of reputable studies should tell you that abortion does not cause breast cancer, according to the American Cancer Society, who care more about cancer than abortions in case their name seemed a bit vague and .

Placenta Previa: The risk, which produces extreme severe life-threatening bleeding during future pregnancies, is increased by 600% after an abortion.

The chance of getting a Placenta Previa is increased with an abortion, but it's also caused by smoking, cocaine use and previous ceasarian sections (ESPECIALLY C-sections actually, which increases the likelyhood of placenta previa by 300% to 1000%, which means I'm still more scared of featii than of the abortionists personally, though mainly because a plea of self defense will only stand up in court if I kill an abortionist who tries to cause lasting physical harm to me).

Infertility: Abortion causes sterility in 2-5% of the women who have an abortion.

this is another thing cause primarily by a chlamydia infection that isn't treated, and gets into the uterus and fallopian tube during surgery (so again, get an abortion before teh 8th week and this probably will not an issue). But, as has been mentioned peviously, this is easily stopped by getting a test for the infection (which usually comes with an abortions as standard), and then taking a course of antibiotics.

Psychological/Emotional Trauma: 50% of post-abortive women report experiencing emotional and psychological disturbances lasting for months or years. This includes acute feeling of grief, depression, anger, fear of disclosure, preoccupation with babies or getting pregnant again, nightmares, sexual dysfunction, termination of relationships, emotional coldness, increased alcohol and drug abuse, eating disorders, anxiety, flashbacks, anniversary syndrome, repeat abortions, and suicide. Many go into the clinic thinking, "this is my only choice!" but come out saying "what have I done?" Be prepared.

Yes, getting an abortion will cause you to have another, because they're just so moreish! While glib, that rather obvious logical flaw highlights the precise method by which the writer pulled these "side effects" from the deepest part of their rectal passage (or "ass" as normal people call it), something that would normally be met on the internets with a cry of "correlation does NOT prove causation", which is a subtle interweb-speak way of say that just because women who suffer such problems have had abortions, doesn't mean that abortions caused them to have such problems, in fact the majority of these problems were not only present before the abortion (except suicide of course, unless ann coulter or dick cheney had an abortion, something I highly doubt ocnsidering that both would rather give birth and eat their young than abort) but were likely the cause of the abortion in the first place, along with poor economic circumstances, general live troubles of actually just by having any number of the "symptoms" listed above already (chemical addiction alone could produce all of those problems).

But "anniversary syndrome" is not something you should have to fear, basically it's a symptom suffered by people with Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome, here's a basic description of what people who have abortions should feel, according to some christian men who apparently ran out of hungry to feed and naked to clothe. And while it's mean to say so, I am disappointed to say that even anti-choicers who abort fail to feel any sort of lasting guilt over having an abortion or even for being giant hypocritical bastards.

Medical (Chemical) abortion risks include (but are not limited to):

"The Morning After Pill" (Emergency Contraception Pill) - - If taken within 72 hours of intercourse it prevents pregnancy 75% of the time. Sometimes they are abortifacient and the manufacturers are not encouraging their use for this purpose. Medical problems would be similar to birth control pills, however effects could be more pronounced.

I expected them to mention what the medical problems with birth control pills actaully were somewhere on their site, but as they don't, I'll move on (but the abortifacient thing is strictly a matter of faith btw, EC causes you to not ovulate until the sperm all die off, nothing more).

Methotrexate - (given prior to 8 weeks) Doctors are reluctant to prescribe the chemicals because of its high toxicity and unpredictable side effects. Those side effects include but are not limited to: nausea, pain, diarrhea, bone marrow depression, anemia, liver damage, lung disease, heavy bleeding for as long as 40 days, abortion may occur anywhere, surgical abortion may still be required.

Methotrexate is used to miscarry ectopic pregnancies actually, not abortions in general when RU486 works so much better. Methotrexate is more usually used as cancer treatment and has symptoms that include
nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal cramping, sores in the mouth, headache, dizziness, insomnia, and vaginal bleeding. Except for nausea, these side effects are unusual for the single dose given to induce abortion. It can cause some of the other symptoms that the lying liars cite, but only in much higher doses than you're likely to receive for an abortion.

Nothing about RU486? or any other method of chemical abortion? Oh of course not, otherwise the one rare time they edge towards the truth wouldn't be nearly as scary if Methotrexate was made out to be the highly specialised form of practically obsolete medication that it is.

Psychological/ Emotional Trauma: In addition to the risks listed above, women having chemical abortions often see the complete tiny bodies of their unborn child and are even able to distinguish the child's developing hands, eyes, etc.

Uhuh, remember how the "fetus is too small to locate"? But not so small you can't see the little developing eyes and hands after it's broken down somewhat by your body, aww. You could also just not stare in rapt fascination at the contents of your toilet bowl after you take a wizz, oh and if you really can't stand the possibility of seeing something that externally looks human, but had few of the internal workings, then why did you get an abortion in the first place? Presumably cuz you're a ditzy woman. Oh thank you Crisis Misogyny Center for insulting our intelligence yet again.

The scare mongering about the 8th week is snow balling with every bullet point, do not under any circmstances get an abortion prior to the 8th week or anything! because a decision you couldn't make during the first 8 weeks of pregnancy becomes so much easier when the abortion becomes more dangerous and the whole experience becomes 0.00002% more traumatic for all involved etc...etc... Gotta love how even they lost interest mid-bullshit there.

And remember, Crisis Misogyny Centers are the only service for potential mothers that gives you real choice, the real choice to risk death during birth and to screw your life up in the process regardless of your personal morals, all because they can't handle the truth and don't give a flying fuck for the women they are supposed to be trying to help. But hey! That's what the Majority Party Religion is always like, no matter where you go or what time period you're in, so it's hardly news.

So traumatic is this for some women that it is recommended that women unprepared for the experience not take the drugs.

Also the wording of the warning screen you need to click through before getting to the main protein wisdom site, only joking, I wouldn't lie to you for non-attemptedly-humorous reasons.

If you are considering abortion because of your circumstances, know that you can change your circumstances.

Well, I supposed they meant to say "If you can trap a man into marriage and an indefinite financial commitment to you by first sleeping with him before you declare him to be the father of your child, you might, if he falls for it, be able to change your circumstances due to the ever decreasing rate of upward mobility and distinct lack of wish granting fairies or leprechauns in modern american society" but missed, and MRAs hate feminists again because...?

If you have ambivalent or conflicted feelings, take time to find out "why" you have these feelings. Do not ignore your conscience and values. They are what make you a strong and unique woman. Fight and overcome your circumstances, rather than submit to them. We are here to help you regardless of your situation or decision.

It's social conditioning, probably, that is giving you pause over having an abortion, abortion is safer by far than birth, less emotionally painful than adoption, and costs less time and money than even carrying a pregnancy to term, let alone looking after a child for the most important stages of its life, if it were a strictly logical process you were dealing with, you'd have the abortion unless you were trying to have a baby. That's the facts, but what choice you decide to make is your own and depends entirely on YOUR moral values, IF you need to rely on someone else making the decision, ask yourself why you can't make it on your own, IF you are being pressured into a making a decision either way, be extra careful, you should make your decision for yourself or for the potential child, not for your husband, father, boyfriend, community or preacher. It's between you and whatever Gods you believe in, no one else, and you'll feel better for it in the long run if you don't make either decision lightly.

If however you do hold pro-life views regarding the moral status of a fetus, I implore you to be consistent and not have an abortion, because if you, a pro-lifer, start actually standing by your beliefs, there's a good chance you might start to be consistent with other aspects of your beliefs and support the various pro-choice policies and organisations that actually would lessen the number of abortions that occur in america every day, instead of harassing already stressed women who have decided to have an abortion and supporting organisations that can't even achieve their goals with satanic lies and cheap emotional manipulation designed to stop women from exercising the right you so freely exercised despite your so called "morals".

Hypocrisy is not a moral value.

Good advice: Double check every thing you read me type, every stat, ever cite, everything, double check whatever you are using to verify the data, but remember that pro-choice groups and organisations couldn't care less if you don't have an abortion, they really don't, and unless you can find a damn good motive for them to lie to you, take their words with slightly less salt than you would from a group that cannot under any circumstance accept you having an abortion.
As I hope I've already illustrated, that bias on pro-life groups' part could kill you.

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