Homage to Republicans in anal fireworks from the BBC

British guy attempts to shoot a firework out of his ass.

Douglas McDougal, from the NEAS, said: "We received a call stating there was a male who had a firework in his bottom and it was bleeding.

"He sustained fairly significant injuries in the fact that there's huge damage to that particular area."

Their grammar, not mine.

And speaking of anal fireworks... The dems got the house and (I think) the senate also due to the often overlooked "scared of those crazy, greedy, corrupt, perverted republican pedophiles" demographic of middle class white married women.

But on a disturbing note it does appear that the republicans will probably note where and how the repugs successfully achieved things, on the plus side choice was won back in SD*, and the Anti-SSM amendments got shot down in a few states**, but affirmative action was pretty much abolished in several states as well.

Now stop me from sounding all pessimistic, actually don't because I'm just being a realist here, but what that means is that during a period in american history when the gap between rich and poor is getting ever larger, and public schools are being demolished both financially and syllubus wise, and social services are being destroyed and the political ground they rested on being sown with salt, and a large mainly black city was pretty much destroyed and spread its poorest citizens all over the country with even less than they had before Vetinarians at FEMA fucked them over.

Into this period of America, a method used to enable the most disenfranchised and downpressed ethnic groups to actually get a decent education, and to enable them to raise themselves out of the poverty they've been forced into has just *Poof*, vanished, literally, over night in parts of america.

And this comes after an election season that was marked as quite exceptional for the rather overt racism of many of the republican candidates, not to mention the way the 2006 election season has been pretty much the Year of the Blackface for Left blogistan.

If the Repugs can get their two collective braincells lined up right, and realise that A) if the american electorate cared about foreign policy then we wouldn't be in Iraq, duh, B) that domestic issues are all the myopic americacentricism of the american subconcious can ever really care about and then make the rather obvious logical step that reminds them that C) the greatest fear mongering, scapegoating, bigotry exploiting thing that the rightwing has ever had has always been the infamous race baiting memes that by the looks of things worked exceedingly well during this election season for the repugs, then the 2008 will likely be the most. racist. EVR.

Oh shit.

Other significant highs and lows are collected here, and can I just say a huge "Fuck You" to yiddish nazi Lieberman for surviving, and a double "up your bum" to blackwell for being such a well deserving loser.

Oh and I'm rather disappointed that there seems to be no protests being organised to cash in on the surge of liberlish love the country appears to be feeling.

* Though that was hardly a surprise because it's been an open secret for months now that SD really hated the abortion ban. However, every feminist should now brace themselves for the inevitable "Heh, the dems got you choice back women, now sit down and shut up" stuff from liberals in the coming weeks even as the less direct methods of destroying choice carry on without being stopped or even slowed down by the Dems' new majority (and I dare teh liberals and the dems to prove me wrong on that one). Now is not the time for being complacent.

** Which doesn't mean that much really, the Anti-SSM amendments were inherently pointless anyway and their sole reason for existence was basically to get the hardcore bigots out to the voting booths during the election.

They didn't work in that regard either, but that still doesn't mean that their defeat is really anything too impressive, as they wouldn't really have stood up to a great deal of pressure from a seriously successful SSM legalisation movement anyway, and the thing is that ultimately SSM is still not legal, so do excuse me if I don't accept that anything less than victory is to be taken to be a victory, because it isn't really.

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