Gonna go try some of that cold turkey

Okay I'm just gonna admit it: I've lost my commenting mojo in a serious way.

Whatever I used to have that allowed me to be a good commenter has snapped off at somepoint back when I went from a commenter with an empty blog, to a blogger proper.

I don't like doing the "right on!" or "me too!" type commments because they seem like too vapid to really bother, and any sort of comment that has depth I tend to try to spin into a full post for dis blog.

So why do I keep pretending I can comment like I used to? Because I feel I should spread my URL about like a squid in mating season trying to spread it's spermies around? Meh, unwanted but still obligated actions lead to a loss of quality. Because I have somehting substantial to say at other people's blogs? Meh, if I have something substantial to say I say it here, and not neccesarily even then. SO why why why...

Meh, Gonna stop being the crazy OT goblin of thread death all over the place, I know it's great to have a skill i'm good at, but is being the personifications for the death of threads really something to be proud of? It's an annoying and guilt aquiring action and I'm sick to death of it.

However I do love a good flame war, mainly because it's the one sort of internet interaction where I A) have reason to stay at someone else's blog and B) it's what I really started hanging around pandagon (which led eventually to this sorry mess via punkass) because they had trolls, and troll psych is fascinating, as is this weird hyper-privelaged side of amanda that keeps showing itself.

Though for the harcore racists who occasionally post comments here: I think you mean "wop", not "wap", which as far as I'm aware means "wireless access protocol", and unless SkyNet is up and running, I sincerely doubt you mean to imply that Wireless Access Protocols are taking over America and stealing people's jobs.

I'm also not sure that you mean "wop" really, as the muslims are wogs, and the mexicans are wetbacks - I hate to nitpick about racist terminology but it does bug me on some deep down pedantic level, if you must be racist, please do so accurately with the proper insults towards the proper ethnic groups, I don't really want to be known as the blogger who's racist asshat commenters couldn't tell their spik from their kike with an ethnological atlas, come on people, if I let your comments stand for long people'd start to think bad of me, they'd say "that R. Mildred, her racist asshate commenters can't even get their racial slurs straight, what a loser!"

Admittedly I'll still delete your comments, but it's the thought that counts.

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