In case anyone is still unclear where I draw the boundaries of civil discourse...

This comment...

For reasons I'll not bore you with here, I spend a fair amount of time with teenaged boys, and most are surprisingly thoughtful and multi-dimensional about sex.

...too easy. Because basically it'll just be some smutty inuendo involving the name "mrs robinson", and Cuntensquirten takes a firm stand against the obvious, and the predictable.

(Though the question does beg, can we take Ms Rahm's word that she's a pedobear?)

Yes this is a sign that I don't particularly like scum sucking little wannabe stasi informers, but do rather like petty sniping. I remember after whipping out the dog slur at marc and reading about gestapo girl's outing and sueing bullshit, and thinking "fucking hell, that fucking little nazi bitch is such a fucking amoral streak of a santorum stain, she has totally crossed the line." Which is practically a professional opinion coming from me.

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