A Quick Note

Following on from some things said at Bfp's recently, I am currently reading andrea smith like crazy to get a post supporting the general position Bfp is holding with regards to the Pro-Choice movement (which I will endeavor to condense into a whole lotta swearing and history).

However, if I read one more blogger or commenter go on about how women are just getting abortions because of some really vaguely expressed societal pressure to abort, and how if only women were taught that it's okay to be a mother they wouldn't abort so much I shall scream and beat up Vox Day with his own hair. (The economic things I agree with totally though, keep them coming.)

This is because babies are not toys - if a woman isn't dedicated enough to having a child to actually not abort, she's probably not going to be a very good mother - this isn't me being super judgemental, this is a view created by the fact that I've known enough mothers to know that if you don't have slightly more perseverence than a bent matchstick, you're going to get seriously fucked up by motherhood, and so is the child.

Of course WoC are pressured by everyone from Bill Cosby to Bill O'rly to either get themselves a man or to staple their knees together, but that pressure hasn't, fortunately, actually done much to stop WoC being single mothers.

And for that y'all deserve a salute and a drink, hell, you deserve several at every possible opportunity.

Come on Friday.

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