Note to ren:

Will try to answer your questions over weekend, will possibly tie in some socio-economics waffling to the last one though and neatly side step the actual question in the process.

I'm still having trouble picking the second person for the cage match though... Kos goes in, but who goes with him?

As I do keep calling you ren, can I call Mr Evolution "stimpy"? because "mr evolution" reminds me of that cartoon character from jurassic park, and while you sex workers are inscrutable, I'm sure even you can't actually do a talking strand of DNA.

He can be your ambiguously gendered live-in cat (aside from set).



R. Mildred said...

On the gripping hand... google has unpersoned me totally, so that I am now a ghost within the machine.


Veronica said...

Stimpy! We have our own catbox!!

Renegade Evolution said...

Mr. Evolution laughs at the Stimpy comment, but says if he MUST be a cartoon character, can he be Wacko Warner?

belledame222 said...

Hamsher? Hamsher vs. Kos?

R. Mildred said...

I don't hate hamsher like I hate kos, I'm erring towards lieberman or possibly Kenneth Eng, or if all else fails, emperor ratzinger.

Hamsher is just too much of a wannabe kos, he needs to compete with people who are their own shitty selves.

I thought about going with twisty for a second there, even a sort of abstract theoretical twisty, but I'm not sure her daddy gives her a big enough allowance for entrance, and she'd probably just end up sucking him off as soon as she was stuck within close proximity to a guy with a six figure salary and an upperclass cultural background.

can he be Wacko Warner?

I'll downgrade him to ringo starr if he's going to be like that. He shall have a big nose and play the drums, and that's that.

belledame222 said...

Kenneth Eng's a lightweight, though. Lieberman could certainly work.

R. Mildred said...

Yes but Eng thinks he's a big sexy dragon, it'd be interesting to see if he'd fight, flee, fuck, or use his Asian Supremicist Dragon powers to cause mild precipitation within the steel cage.

Bubba said...

RE: constructive criticism, and your comment( I was just cruising the i-net and found you, but had to reply)
you wrote:"the thing is I've yet to see any of you actually provide a point, a woman shows bad judgement this one time; and? A woman slips up and makes a erroneous assumption or makes a mistaken action; yes? What is the point of this exactly?"
Well, for starters, I would say that there is certainly no excuse for rape, ever, unless it is consensual fantasy, or other fetish( I suppose I will get flamed by some rabid Dworkinesque dyke on this point--after she pulls her g/f's leather whip out of her ass)and I won't get into other judgements of horseplay,
but simply put: bad judgement is the fault of a social construct that demands that boys be boys, and girls be girls: in some ways, Camille Paglia was right, girls need to learn to fight. But I say 'right' only in the same inane sense that boys are expected to be 'strong' and take an ass whuppin', etc...then we could share equal folly, and equal pain--but in the rape debate, which is largely cluttered with the white noise of women who FEAR rape, rather than women who have actually BEEN raped,there is little egalitarian logic, and absolutely no sense of proportion.In other words, men fear rape as much as women, but the women have far less actual risk of being raped( see PREA act for the lowest of the low stats on men raped in prisons).
You see, rape is unfortunately defined by whether or not one has a penis--we fellas don't chose to have one of those--and further, the profile of a rapist is 'male'.( as in PERIOD)
So unfortunately, long before a woman gets to the point of making her bad choice, slip up, erroneous assumption etc., men have been raised by the mind, and the discipline, and under the authority of mostly women--who provide him/them with a really bad script to follow to 'be a man', and he is routinely abused by, primarily, a woman or two or three,m etc....because as we know, rape is a crime of 'power' and 'coercion' and social control' in a 'rape culture', etc., ad infinitum....unfortunately, these boys who do grow up to be rapists have learned from the best there can be when it comes to manipulatinf, coercing, and using violence, when necessary, to get 'what they want':Power--and they are not getting power, but only getting power back--the same social power that was taken from them at birth from their mother, and whoever she shared them with.
in a nutshell, it is nuts to say that anyone can slip up and deserve such pain or humiliation, but until we address the fact that women are the primary society that men grow up in, and those women often misuse/abuse their power over these future men, rape continues to happen, and, yes, women get blamed for their own rapes, etc.
Far more sadly, is that young men who are routinely sexually abused by women are seldom believed, muuch less taught the language necessary, to combat their abuse, or even name it.Whereas stats always point to 'rape' that happens with a penis, there is yet to be created a data bank that documents how women assert power over little boys, using thermometers in the ass, blows to the head, masturbation in the bathtub in the disguise of 'washing' and so many more sneaky, and subtle ways that women disguise and cloak the child abuse they are responsible for--which we would call rape if they were men--in.
In other words: by the time a 'rapist' is caught, or prosecuted, it would be safe to assume that they have been raped numerous times, but without the excuse that it was a penis that did it.
Wome are rapists too, and unfortunately, they teach their daughters victim language instead of karate.