Liberal Blogging Rules #34 & #89

Rule #34: Never use a dictionary definition to prove a point, it is silly.

Rule #89: NEVER SAY "We just need to drill it into their little heads...", even in irony, where word lawyering Internet Literalists are wandering around (i.e. liberal blogs), as this will inevitably lead to DIY trepanning being done on children by people more easily suggestible than a big sack* full of political lesbians at a motivational speaking seminar where what the speaker is motivating is that everyone in the audience should be buying into his pyramid scheme and time shares.

* Intense research has led me to discover that the group noun for political lesbians is "a sack". In contrast, the group noun for link obsessed A-list bloggers is still a "cupful", as in "a cupful of wankers".

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