Jerry Falwell finally did the decent thing: He died

Sylvia has qualms about dancing on people's graves, I on the other hand dream of setting up my own business of funereal porta-johns that shall be set up to release human waste on the graves of the evil and wicked.

So I shall say this: The world is a marginally better place without that sanctimonious and evil man in it any more.

He was complicit in murder, torture, rape and abuses too innumerable for me to list in full.

He was a bad christian, a bad person, and an insult to eveything he claimed to stand for.

And no, this doesn't mean his supporters will step away from him, or move leftward, centrists won't even fucking do that ffs.

If they had the moral sense to actually be christians, they wouldn't be members of the religius right in the first place.

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Rootietoot said...

and for once, I agree with you.