Note to Piny:

I won't declare that anyone else has an eating disorder.

I still think that, all things being equal, the explanation that MeMe's remarkably pathological reaction to even the most marginal body fat on someone else is more likely than anything else to be a symptom of a eating disorder than anyting else.

In fact I have no idea what else it could be, given who she was talking about (who really wasn't fat in any sense of the word, she was at worst "not hyper-skinny") but that's not the point...

Yes I do kinda object to bewing lumped in with the guzillion and 8 mouthbreathers who were spouting off about that "skinny bitch", but then again, I can't really be arsed to fight for my right to diiiiiiagnose people over the internets with ED.

You find it offensive, say no more, but just remember that I am a unique and special snowflake of a mouthbreather - who mouthbreaths with style and flair and some sense that doesn't make me a hugely misogynistic assburger, goddammit.

And yes I'm still pissed off at Clarke for inexplicably declaring that I'm some sort of dog murdering anti-liberal terrorist, but I forgive him because well, who sweats the hysterics, really?

Also, for everyone else, is anyone else getting the impression that Heart's conception of transpeople has been created entirely from watching too much Ranma 1/2?


belledame222 said...

I was thinking she got it off the back of a cereal box, myself.

Andrew said...

I don't exactly read Heart's writings much, but if anything, I'd have guessed it was from Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.

ms_xeno said...

I'm allergic to nearly all anime. If I thought that all transpeople had a default pro-Ranma agenda I'd probably hate 'em, too.

R. Mildred said...

I'm allergic to nearly all anime.

To be fair, ranma is bit "BAZOOMBAS!" all the time in the anime, the manga is better until it jumps the shark at some ridiculously hard to detirmine point form being over worked.

Of course I'm still not sure if ranma is even transfreindly, you basically have one character who changes sex every two seconds but is totally heteronormative up the wazoo at the same time, and two cross dressers, one of whom is a ninja and other is a successful restaurant owner with a huge tupping spatula which she hits people with.

Trying to apply any sort of "is this politically okay?" analysis to it gives me a head ache.

Ryoga is hawt however.

There's just that one episode where ranma gets hit over the head and turns super feminine, even to the point where he refuses to pee unless he can be a girl (which Akane of course doesn't approve of).

Heteronormative hilarity ensues.

It's just htat that is what Heart keeps describing when she deigns to talk about transexuals, men who are slightly more "feminine" than any woman who isn't a mormon actually is, and wnat to get the sex change to complete the effect, because it's so easy to do donchaknow.

So the urge to grab her, shake her and yell "THERE'S NO SUCH THING AS A AQUATRANSEXUAL YOU BOOB!"

ms_xeno said...

Not BAZOOMBAS and BOOB in the same post, Please !!

[dizzy spell. emergency fanning.]

What did me in with Ranma and the like was the shitty ass music, which always reminded me of a chorus of cracked-tooth weasels whistling through a tissue-and-comb kazoo with a truck-sized amp attached.

I do like some of Miyazaki's stuff, though.