radnom anti-zionist thingie

...Zionists are another good examples of this, because Israel was supposed to be a socialist utopia originally, and being just as big a fucking buddha, and despite all the anti-semites who funded the holocaust and pogromed like hell under stalin giving Israel a shit load of weapons and money, the anti-semitic bourgious are still here, screwing semitic peoples over, and fully capable of turning most of the jews in the world into mere shadows on the glowing midnight walls of post-nuclear Tel Aviv. A good thing those anti-semites need Israel to be a handy hate figure their pet arabs can use to keep their subjugated populaces angry at the wrong people really.

But a well fed goat that produces excellent milk may still be slaughtered for its meat should it stop lactating, more so in fact...

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bint alshamsa said...

People should be forced to read this. That is all.