Fun!Random Factoids

Here's the wiki page on the Mann Act (which some of the pro-stitution types might find interesting, along with the wiki page on the first guy arrested under this act).

And speaking of people arrested under the Mann Act, here's Charlie Chaplin's FBI file.

And in less hilarious news, some of you may have heard of things like the Active Denial System (which is where troops and hopefully police will be given huge microwave guns that they can use to cause huge amounts of pain to people they don't like).

Well I'm not going ot talk about that, but a related project that also involve evil crowd control lasers, known as PEP.

Now I was under the misapprehension apparently that PEP was evil because it was designed, primarily, to be able to flay the skin of people/cause their eyeballs/lungs to explode/all of the above so as to "subdue" them in a "non-lethal" way.

However, recent tests indicate that it can also be used as a long range taser, if tazers could cause people's lungs to explode with the side effect(!) of causing mere pain and paralysis in people hit by it.

And speaking of paralysis, it seems that some folks have been trying their hand at Weather Control experiments (again) - but the kicker is that they've decided to use a poisonous element called Barium to seed the clouds, thus showering folks with an element that is quite quite poisonous should it become diluted in water and drank.

And on that note, I should just point out that the weather will be fine until 12:07 AM, when a shower will commence, lasting until 1:30 AM...

Have a pleasant evening.

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