Cosby Kid Mychal Bell to perform Plea Perjory against the other 5 Jena defendants

The prosecution for the Jena 6 is back with a brand new vision: Mychal Bell advised to commit plea perjory make a plea bargain to avoid having his previous thrown in his face, on account of so called "overwhelming evidence". (via*)

Note of course that it is unlikely that Mychal bell's testimony will be considered invalid THIS TIME, due to not accusing poor ickle sawn-off shotgun weilding white kids of threatening him with a gun (which, remember, led to him being charged with theft), but is basically being forced to throw his co-defendants, some of whom were probably not even there a the start of the school yard brawl that culminated this mess into a national scandal, into the legal threshing machine to save his own ass.

What do you think Prognosticatory Deep Sea Anglerfish?**

Okay, now could everyone who whined and moaned in defense of the "poor" "boys" of the Duke Lacrosse team when they were "unfairly" "maligned", "had their lives ruined" and "persecuted", please take one step forward.

Okay, now note how much your hyperbole failed. because let's be honest, there was no bias with the Lacrosse Rape case.
There was no boys involved even. There was no year long fight just to get the Lacrosse rapists charged with a crime they might possibly have committed, rather than murder wiht a deadly weapon and conspiracy to commit murder with a deadly weapon. What the Lacrosse Rapists did, didn't occur after two previous fights had been started by the stripper, the penultimate one of which involved her waving a sawn-off shotgun around while threatening to rape the Lacrosse crackers herself. And the result of the stripper waving a sawn-off shotgun around certainly wouldn't have ended with the Lacrosse rapists being charged with theft because they wrestled the gun off of her. And even then, rape, unlike a randomised schoolyard beating, is never justifiable, whereas handing a beatdown to shotgun waving racist moron is something I find hard to condemn for some inexplicable reason. Can't think why. /sarcasm

So let's cut it down to the bone here; after a year of struggle by civil rights campaigners to get the ridiculously human schoolyard fight redefined as something other than assault with a deadly weapon, because, if the "why you're picking on us?" folks in Jena are to believed then Jena is full of people who believe that the Boxer rebelliion was put down through western jesustude, rather than because bullets work. After a year the decision to down grade "tennis shoes" from the status of a deadly weapon back to an item of clothing was forced upon Jena, so that instead of six minors being charged as adults we have... six minors being charged as adults, some of them for a crime they probably didn't commit anyway, even if you accept the whole nonsense of putting kids into adult prison for a schoolyard fight that even the most extreme pacifist would admit was kinda unavoidable at that point. But it's at least no longer a charge that's actively taking huge heaping ten gallon hats full of piss, and makes the marcottian style "buh...buh...buh...but we're not racist!" pleas form Jena residents stretch belief beyond the breaking point.

Or at least, the current charges don't stretch belief taht far as long as you ignore the whole "juveniles being tried as adults" thing, and the whole "juveniles being tried as adults for a playground fight" thing and are prepared to ignore that the Jena courts have by this point earned enough contempt to make any unbiased bystander arrestable for contempt of court.

Oh, and the way that one of the adolescents is now being pressured with arrest on a prior offense - which of course the police and courts could ignore before because it's never "conspiracy to pervert the course of justice" when the police and courts make sure that crimes are just...forgotten, when it's convenient and when doing so helpfully allows them to get previously untrustworthy witnesses to say whatever the hell the prosecution wants them to say.

Especially when it's likely not true in the cases of a few of the Jena Remainders.

However, the one thing I really hope I don't see is people bitching about how Mychal Bell is a snitch and has let down the other Jena defendants. If you accept the charges, then a fair trial would likely find Mychal guilty enough to send him to one of hte institutional rape camps we call "prison". He's stuck between a rock and a hard place then, either sacrifice himself so that the authorities can't send the message they want to send*** or take the council his, likely very pale (I can't find a picture of mychal bell's lawyer so I might be wrong on that point), lawyer is advising. Yes, the noble thing for him to do is to take the butt raping for the team but let me reiterating that main point again:

He's a kid, not some 20-something Duke brat but an actual "boy", who shouldn't be being looking at an adult punishment for a crime that is still so unbelievably silly, and yet who is being advised by all the adults who are able to contact him at the moment to snitch. Damn right he's scared because the authorities are telling him that they can get him, irregardless of whether it makes sense or whether he actually did something, it's the message he's being used by the authorities to convey, and it's one that's clearly been conveyed to him already. And like a kid, he's not doing the noble self sacrificing thing instead of the dirt selfish thing.



A Kid.

That they're trying to send the message they're sending is disgusting enough, htat they trying to cosbify this kid into passing the message along to the black community, no doubt as an extra litle racist "fuck you" created in response to this year's earlier demonstrations and fight by the nation's POC to get the original extra-bullshitty charges dropped - which one will remember really annoyed alot of the white folk in Jena even as they *snort* plead innocent to the charge of racism - that manages to go beyond even the usual bottom feeding, slimy, scum sucking bastardry typical of say the LAPD and begins to chart whole new courses into the murky waters of Mare Strom Thurmond.

* and yet more from BA here.

** crappy picture courtesy of Photoshop Elements, which I finally got my hands on and which turns out to suck more than the free Ultimate Paint program I usually use. Photoshop sucks. bleh.

*** because the courts in Jena, due to them following through on this ludicrous charge, after the even more ludicrous charges they had before, are rather obviously trying to send nohting less than a rather obvious message to the black community of Jena and the surrounding areas that white folk can still "destroy you with a stroke of a pen". Which in my non-legal pov works out to what amounts to a hate crime - akin to, if not hugely WORSE than, the original noose hangings, except this time it'll end with the Jena 6 getting anally raped by vengeful white prison guards.

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