Ugly Is As Ugly be

Despite what Bfp's smoking, and to quote what the devil likely said when he saw Ike Turner walk into hell:

"I'd hit it."

"uglies" my ass...*

Am I right in understanding that the whole New Orleans Demolitions thing, where folks are having what they had, back before Hurricane Horse Doctor Bush Appointee fucked them over, torn down for reasons of yuppies, is going on at the same time as some shit where the same folks are having what they got given in replacement for the shit that's getting torn down, which consists of randomized trailors in randomized trailor parks surrounded by crazy racist white people usually, taken away because "it was just a temporary thing" and other various ways of explictly not saying "HOLY CRAP! BLACK PEOPLE! ICK EWW GET AWAY FROM ME AND MINE ALREADY!" and generally having the replacement for the shit that's getting torn down replaced with a huge heaping of jack and squat? Is my understanding correct? something about the land leases or something being withdrawn (so that the refugees from Katrina are literally having the ground pulled from under their feet), I forget where I saw it.

anyone else hear that? it wasn't just some horrible nightmare I had or something was it?

* which is not to say that I disagree with Bfp's metaphors and stuff, but it's backwards saturday and I see no reason to agree with her in an agreeable way, purely because I am that much of an asshole, and I had to work the Ike Turner gag in somehow.

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