And one more thing...

The thing I was originally looking at Hillary and Obama's health insurance Shenanigans was to find proof that Obama's was better than Hillary's.

Because, and you might not hav realised because I've been keeping this pretty close to my chest, double XX top-secret and all that, I really really really really Re-hi-hi-eally do not like Hillary, at all, even a little bit.
She seems to spend far too much time doing weird little straight armed salutes and she and Kos seem to have gone to the same "body language for professional speakers" class, though that might because they both have a similar ugly build (one of those legoman figures is about hte most flattering comparison I can think of) and are equally terrible at public speaking.

Any suggestions that they both come from the same litter of pigs is unjustified and wrong: Kos is a lizardman from outer space, and hillary is heir to a tribe of mormon sloths who accidentally took the bar back in the 1850's and have been a-lawyering ever since.

But anyway, the thing was that in attempting to find something that Obama's medical plan did that was different from Hillary's.

That's where I hit a teeny tiny snag: I couldn't find any specifics which might have been used to diferentiate the two plans.

And when I say "could find any specifics", I mean... well, picture a big field that is completely Not full of unicorns, and then try to spot the unicorn.

And looking through both candidate's intertube pages this was pretty much par for the course - and so in the 2nd millenium of our lord jesus christ (who just step out for some smokes but is going to be back ANYDAY now - the democrats have achieved what I can only assume has been their ultimate goal all along; to turn actual fact and detail into a mythical animal that we only know anything about due to the frenzied ramblings of classical scholars like herodotus.


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