Political Lesbians part 1


fingers wove themselves through golden locks dissolving into darkened roots - one set curling while the other hung from the curly headed one's fingers limp and straight.

Oh so straight.

Their lips parted from their passioante kiss, tongues dancingly teasingly against each other as they disengaged with a wet smacking noise smacking noise. The straight hair woman's mouth pawing at the air for a moment before the lids that had covered her twin gaping soul-voids opened and she looked into the eternally unfocused gaze of the curly headed one's ravenous hunger for her taut skinned blonde goddess.

"The Seelhoff," the curly headed woman began huskily, referring to herself in the third person as always. "Wants to taste you, Ann." She darted her head forward in a quick birdlike motion and nibbled briefly on Ann's right ear lobe before withdrawing so as to give her one last lopsided glare of unbridled lust. then, in oily smooth motions, her mouth and therest of her head descended into the thick patch of inexplicably straight hair that framed Ann's brown and pink meat packing district...

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