Just writeing sutff down before I forget it, pay no attention to the economist behind the blog

If you understand any of this you're probably an economist and I hate you:

Smith's Law: cost of production*(demand/supply)=fundmental price.

Obviously only applies to the stupid little Test Models freemarketeers masturbate to, but even within a "dirty" Marx-Smith Model you're really only adding onto that basic equation.

Including the ghastly hideousness of Raymond's* Inconstant: Gross Costs of Production*(cost of bribes to avoid regulation*SQRTthe waist line of the companies' CEO/the waistline of their spouse)

Economics=Srs but poorly explained Bizness

* Named for Lee "meat flaps" Raymond, Ex-head of ExxonMobil, who's chin justifies all fat jokes. Do a google image search, you'll know what I'm talking about.

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