...And I just farted on Cocksucker's head.

Phuck Phridays.

Here's a funny weblog to amuse you for a while.

NOTE: I'm gonna get a list of "R. Mildred Recommended Reading Rrrlist" together at some point as Kmittenz asked me to.

Obviously there'll be Nietszche, Lao Tzu, Sun Tzu and Marx on there as obvious choices, though I warn you I'll be throwing Protocols of the Elders of Zion on there as well because, unlike silly people who think of it merely as nasty anti-semitic propaganda, what Protocols really is, when you put it into its proper historical context, is basically the earliest formal collection of conservative memes and fascist meta-theory that exists. And viewed like that, it's actually kinda shocking how little the ideas and attacks have changed in the hundred years since protocols was first published (SPOILERS: it has changed very little).

Speaking of which let me share one little brain breaking thing for people who are more psychologically stable than I am right now, who hopefully can come up with something vaguley witty about this.

Basically you've all probably heard of ACC studios, a small group of emotionally retarded comic artists who produce right wing propaganda comics, they're the guys who came up with the whole "cyborg Sean Hannity is a freedom fighter who's fighting an evil french UN peace keeping army who's taken over america and is forcing people to act like strawliberals" thing that did the round a few years back.

ANYWAY, recently they apparently produced a shortish set of comics called "librarro", which is a portmanteu of "Bizarro" and "Libral" - because all their titles have to have the word "liberal" JAMMED somewhere into them - in which John Kerry, Howard Dean, Edward Kennedy and Hillary end up creating bizarro versions of themselves.

Now my problem is not just the lameness, nor the horrific writing going into these comics (which is exemplified by the 6th preview page they have up here), but something far scarier.

basically the bizarro version of Hillary is described as "a sultry anti-feminist".

Am i wrong in thinking that that hints towards the idea that the secret masturbatory fantasy of some (if not most) conservative men somehow involves Hillary Clinton?

Oh did you know that Kevin J Taylor, one of the most influential porn artists of the 90's who's most known for the Tardis-gina'd* WOC protagonist known simply as "Girl" , has a blog?

Going sleepy-byes now.

* bigger on the inside, at least I assume so, due to the fact that Taylor tends to stick Tom Of Finland sized manparts on his male characters.


Anonymous said...

I'm honored. Er, regarding the crazy conservative comic, I'm reminded of the NRA one that had gun-toting xenophobes as heroes. It was funny.

Anonymous said...

Well, funny in so much as how the illustrator drew the protagonists. It seemed beyond bizarre.