The Bad "Rap Culture" and republicanism (or how republicans should just cut to the chase and release the rap album)

Just some comparative points between the barely real and real cultures of Rap and Republicanism:

"Rap Culture" on Intellectuals:
-Looks down on people who acts smarter than them or wears a suit.
Republicanism on Intellectuals:
-Advocates the mass genocide of people smarter than them, because they are afraid that these people will make the world a place not about themselves!
"Rap Culture" on Guns:
-Lurves guns, they're pretty and intimidating and make a suitable penis replacement they can wave around in public.
Republicanism on Guns:
-Lurves guns, but only after marriage, when pistol whipping your wife is blessed by jesus as a suitable replacement for a limp Bush baby.
"Rap Culture" on Drugs:
-Publically likes drugs, doesn't care about illegality or non-illegality, just likes drugs.
Republicanism on Drugs:
-Publically thinks drugs are a scourge on humanity! But knows this first hand from the fact that they are drugged up to the eyeballs most of the time (more often if they happen to be president of the united states at the time)
"Rap Culture" on Gays:
-Hates gays, they are icky! but grabs crotch too much and is too in love with their own bodies to be anything other than ginormous homosexuals.
Republicanism on Gays:
-Hates Gays, unless they Love Gays or are Gay, or are married and gay, or just like to anally rape their wives while fantasising about "The Gannon Cannon", or need to look like something other than a homophobe for political points. More obsessed with man and ass love than any real heterosexual could be.
"Rap Culture" on Sex:
-Sex is fun! the more derogatory for women the better!
Republicanism on Sex:
-Wishes all the women would all just die so that there was no longer two sexes floating around to confuse them so much. Republicans hated multiple choice quizzes at school and they hate it even more in the bedroom, especially when there's a box turtle nearby. Man on woman sex (if unavoidable) shoudl be done in the nastiest and most uncomfortable way possible for the women lest she makes it a regular habit. See the movie "Gattaca" for examples of how to cleanse your self after the act.
"Rap Culture" on Religion:
DMX is religous, even if he does go on alot about shooting people.
Republicanism on Religion:
George Bush is Religious, Even if he does love killing people, and ignores everything Jesus and The Bible says, Hey! We never said he was a christian!

So there you have it, "Rap Culture" is the spitting image of the republican party "moral" culture, therefore, as "rap Culture" is a negro thing, negros should Vote Republican, because black values are Republican values (What do you mean that's incredibly racist ad insulting!? You didn't say anything when Condi "The Token" Rice was given a job and used as the cheapest "we're not racist!" shield in history, quit your whining if you want to even have voting booths in your state next time round, you ungrateful little Ni...ce, potential, future voters, uheh. Vote for us please, mud people?)

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