Don't mention the War or the newly painted hospitals!

It has often been mentioned that Liberals and the MSM we control with our kinky sex and not-very-conservative genitalia (used as a bludgeoning implements mainly, past a foot or two in length and they're almost useless for most of the things they were designed for) are traitorous because they never mention all the schools that are getting painted Iraq and all the good things that are going on.

But what has also never been mentioned is that maybe, just maybe news of those painted schools and Good Things That Are Really Happening have been getting around the jihadist middle east, along with the news that this season's Taliban4Evr holiday destination is Iraq, after all, it is a well known fact that there is nothing Jihadists love more than a nice fresh painted school in which they can anally rape small children with their Jihadist Armed Service standard issue flashlights on a lazy sunday afternoon, as they siesta by the pool.

But maybe all this good news is setting up their expectations too high, maybe the service isn't what they were led to believe it was, maybe their school wasn't painted very well or in an obnoxious colour, maybe there wasn't enough poolside attendants or they kept being served pork chops despite them specifically asking for the swordfish.
Well now we've all had holidays like that, and while you or I or any other red blooded christian american would have merely complained loudly until the serving staff urinated into any food or drink you later ordered before selling their government any weapons we happened to be carrying, we must remember at all times that the evil Jihadists are not like americans, who Do Not get off on sticking flash lights up 11 year old children, and who also Do Not Ever abuse prisoners under our care like aparteid south african policemen, where as Jihadists do and are also irrational and overly emotional, and are thusly prone to throwing suicide attacks at checkpoints as a way to express their frustration when a day of clothes shopping ends badly.

What did you think 9/11 was about again? Surely not that the terrorist peeg-dawgs had real geo-political grievances and goals? well you'd be wrong. Lost luggage, I kid you not.

So remember conservative bloggers, every time you blog about a newly painted school or local branch of school of the americas, remember that it might be Your blog some wayward dissident is perusing looking for places to go on holiday, and that your careless talk may in fact lead to the eventual death of yet another brave patriotic warrior child in green over in baghdad.

Oh alright then, you can chuck one more soldier onto the fire, where he can go crickly crackle until he's forgotten about. After all, what is one more here or there?

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