Boys Toys - hopefully not a warning from history any time soon

Ever since the George Bush® action figure got elected mayor of ToyTown, and Doctor X™ flew a scale model of a 747 into Stock Exchange Barbie's™ Phallic Symbol of Capitalism© as well as Action Man's™ Polygon of Freedom™, things between Overcompensatingly Heterosexual Action Man™ and Beach Fun Ken™ had been strained.

"I hate myself for doing this, I hate you for making me feel like this!" the toy soldier sobbed, tears running down his little plastic face as he sat on the edge of the bed he and Ken had just made love in.

He cried for a while, his whole body shaking with each beleagured sob, until ken crawled across the bed and enveloped him in his arms from behind.

"don't cry my brave little soldier, don't cry." Ken cooed into his ear. "come on, look at me. Look at my face." He said, his tone suddenly becoming much more commanding for the last sentence.

Action Man turned, his ever traitorous body reacting to the command until he was staring directly into those smoldering blue eyes. "You always say that but when I look into your eyes like this..." Ken moved his head closer. "When I look into your eyes like this I know that what we have could not be wrong, and I know that you know it too."

At this Action Man turned his head away from Ken and screwed his eyes shut, causing the tears to flow down his face in a swift deluge. All he could see now was the faces of those killed, his friends batman, spiderman and little 1970's Luke Skywalker, all of whom had been in the secret service, and who'd also all been killed when that fag Robin had let a legoman terrorist with a bomb into the ToyTown TownHall®, a terrorist who mistakenly thought that the Mayor was inside, instead of conducting a tour of the troops in the garden instead.
The accusations had emerged from the Department of ToyTown Security™ quickly, Robin and some other well known homosexuals were believed to have been in colusion with the terrorists, some people claiming to be an extremist marriage equality group even claimed responsibility.
But Action Man knew it didn't square, knew about batman and robin, couldn't believe for a second that he would... that he could...
But your Mayor told you he was, and you don't question your Mayor, not unless you're like those soft headed hippy troll dolls, who are all either waiting in the special boxes under the bed or the secret draw in the parent's room, until they repent from their ToyTown hating subversiveness of course.

It was only Action Man's pull in the Department of Defense™ that had kept Ken out of the boxes under the bed and the work camps so far, and it was getting more dangerous for both of them with each passing day.

Ken hugged him as he cried now, one hand stroking his back and the other rubbing the back of his head as he sobbed into ken's shoulder again. "Shh... As long as we have each other it'll be alright, we'll be alright." Ken wispered into Action Man's ear.

Ken pushed Action Man away a bit and they looked at each other again. As they stared into each other's eyes, Action Man felt a huge weight settle in his stomach. That was the moment when he realise what he had to do, to end his suffering.

"we"..."we'll"... the words echoed in Action Man's head for a second, and then he was lunging forward, lips first, before the two sets met and they then began devouring each other's mouths, Action Man desperately and Ken sensually, simply enjoying the moment for what it was - freedom.
They made love one more time.

The next morning Action Man made the call before leaving for work.

He wasn't there when the ToyTown Secret Service Uniformed Division® came for ken, he couldn't be there, it would not have been very politic, even if he hadn't been afraid of having to watch what he had ordered, and actually face his decision on a personal level.
He cried himself to sleep every night for a month after that, until he put the gun between his lips and pulling the trigger.

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