About Saddam's Lynching...

reading this post at slacktivist leaves me with two feelings;

1) Total and utter agreement, nodding, nods, nods until my head falls off.

2) The idea occurs to me that, if we'd given saddam the option of a total pardon along with complete freedom from court administered justice, and he'd accepted...

If we'd then dropped saddam, completely free of all charges and any money or support or transportation, in the northern kurdish part of the country...

Wouldn't the subsequent public lynching be a slightly more democratic result than taking him to a deep dark whole in baghdad and hanging him according to a court that has no recognised authority in iraq, has no power outside the singular matter of hanging saddam and his immediate friends and family with a kangaroo court and some rope, and was basically set up by the one group in the country that no one likes or really supports who isn't actually being paid by them, really?

And don't mistake what I'm saying by using the term "democratic" near the term "public lynching", yes I'm saying that the lynchings of the southern states were democratic, but you've got to understand that democratic doesn't mean the same thing as "good" or "right" or "just", it just means "government by the people", which means that it works just like a dictatorship if not worked correctly, and the only thing that marks it as somehow better than dictatorships is that it spreads out the power of the system to oppress acrossa great many people, in the hopes that this will lead to the group-dictator becoming a benevolent, or at least benign, dictator.

But have you met most people? Is it of much dispute that the majority of people wanted every nigger to hang? No, all lynchings are democratic, as are all vigilante actions, lynchings occur in a society that fails to make sure they do not, and cannot, happen.

And after saddam is lynched, hows about HW bush and rumsfeld, and cheney, also being set loose without protection in the kurdish north for selling him his weapons and for telling the kurds that they'd have american support if they rebelled during the 1991 defense of Saudi oil interests?

No? Not fair or "justice being served" when it's a white man who goes to the gallows eh?

Saddam got lynched, and our hands hung the rope around his neck for crimes of compliance with our leader's wishes, with guns and money we gave him.

He was just following orders, like our brave raping and mass murdering boys in Iraq.

Justice is equal, it is for all, and it's blind, but fair.

Saddam will have got what's coming for him when the last bomber pilot who drops generic-napalm on melted iraqi babies, when the last G-Man gives money to death squads for being america friendly, when Saint Ronnie's freinds and allies, including Osama and our central and south america terrorist allies, hang for Their crimes against humanity, in a fair court, with a fair and impartial trial that finds all the evidence, all of it without lies by ommission and word lawyering reframing of massacres into tea parties, before, so that the world knows WHY of their hanging, and so that the hanging acts a very specific as well as a general "If you do this or something like this, you are evil, you are not human, you cannot be allowed to enjoy that which you have taken from so many people for nothing more meaningful than your ego and your bank account."

And yes my objections to the death penalty do not apply to wr crimes, because I have yet to even hear of an incident when a person was false tried, let alone convicted, of a crime against humanity, and this may be because there is not nearly enough such trials in the hague, and maybe this is because those that have occurred are largely political acts that have been used by victorious western military industrial complexes to obfuscate their crimes and send a political message back home to their adoring populace that YES! We were on the side of good, and here is a troll's head on a pike as proof!.

But I find it hard to believe that any dictator or president or prime minister or tsar or king or other sort of first among equals can really be tried of such crimes without such a person being somehow responsible for such horrible crimes that even their fellow presidents and prime ministers and tsars and kings and other sorts of first among equals' end up allowing them to go to trial let alone be convicted - witness pinotche's ability to avoid being convicted thanks to his american and british allies for instance.

The system we have now is fool proof - 100% of people who are tried for war crimes are guilt of such things, unfortunately the number of people who commit war crimes and crimes against humanity who are tried in the hague isn't nearly so absolute.

Hanging them is wrong though, they deserve it to die as painlessly and quickly as possible.

Not because that is Just, or Fair, or What They (those faceless faceless Evil They) Deserve, because they deserve worse, it would be Just to torture them forever, to never let them die, to use every ounce of technology available so that hteir torment could go on for ever, to make them wish for the death they handed out so glibly and freely and ot then deny them that single simple thing as well as we could, that's what would be Fair.

But it is the Moral thing, the Good thing, the Right thing to do.

Hanging is too good for them, but too too wrong for us to countenance and call ourselves moral or good or right should we use it.

There is nothing Moral in vengeance, nothing Good, nothing Righteous in revenge, there is only an evil repeated, rehashed, re-vamped for the delights of our dark pleasures, which are what will live on in us from the remains of saddam.

Saddam is dead, but his evil lives on, Our evil that was enacted by proxy through him for equally vain and selfish reasons, which is re-enacted with every car bomb and with every balance sheet sum (for what is Iraq but a numbers game for those devilish accountants in washington?) that is added up and taken away by the faceless architects of this, our democratic lynching of people we do not even know well enough to notice, let alone care are being lynched.

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