Dear world that thinks drunk women lead to rape:

Has anyone considered the idea that men drinking might have something to do with rape as well? Why are women stopping the boozing and the toilet fucks just because some men can't handle their liquor and just damn well lick her instead?

I demand mandatory neck collars that electrocute men whenever they drink to much.

Your sincerely,

R. Mildred


Jason said...

And a repeal of amendment 19 so that delusional man-haters -such as yourself- would never be able to voice your insane, child-like opinion. After all, if you are unable to identify and embrace liberty like an adult then you certainly cannot sit at the grown-up table, now can you?

Kimmie Whimmie said...

I think Jason should be the first to receive a collar. This is for whenever he gets the *urge* to comment. ;)

JackGoff said...

Agreed with kimmie. What a stain.

I think my liver is doing a happy dance at the prospect. 8^D

FoolishOwl said...

I was about to disagree with R. Mildred, but Jason convinced me she's right.

Jason said...

Three more examples of why women shouldn't be allowed to vote.

I know, I know ladies, reality is hard to grasp. Just like math. And science.

JackGoff said...

And Jason leads the way!

Stains of the world, unite! You have nothing to lose but your brains.

Word Verification: defock

Apropos, no?

ChasingMoksha said...

I always heard the little wimps could not get their sausage up that well when they are full of spirits.

I guess the thought of powering over the woman makes them rise for the occassion.

I so passed the rape business in terms of feeling like a victim or worrying what others would think, that I should as soon just kill a rapist and used his dead body to help my compose pile.

ChasingMoksha said...

Although "compose pile" may work, that should be compost pile.

Renegade Evolution said...

aww, jason, we don't all hate me. Moron is an asexual term, and applies well.

RM, how many settings on the collars, and do the come in leather?

Jessica Dreadful said...

I love this post.
But what about date-rape drugs? Do you think men are more likely to use them when they're intoxicated?

kactus said...

I've always been of the "just shoot the motherfuckers" persuasion, myself. Some days you feel like a Hothead.

Jane said...

You know what I was thinking about today: What if the phrase "cry rape" didn't exist?