Testing Testing...One, Two, Jive!

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By the looks of it it does, Hooray for embedding!

This is via BfP, and my mind, it iz blown!

Despite the fact that both of the Nicholas Brothers undoubtably died of knee and crotch cancer as a result of such performances, the thing that kept going through my mind while watching that was: "Big band and Wushu, genius!"

My favorite bit is at about 2:00 when one of the guys on trumpet is desperately trying not to get kicked in the head, while continuing to play wihtout dropping a note.


ChasingMoksha said...

LOL! I saw that and thought "I wonder if they told the band members to trust the dancers and keep playing no matter what."

brownfemipower said...

You're so fucking funny! haha!!!!

they were doing that jumpy thing even in their older age--they were on that movie Tap, i think it was? The one where all the older dancers "challenge" gregory hines?