Cats On Wiki

So anyway, I accidentally tripped over this kittne pron page on wiki...

...Which led to this page on wiki...

...And then led me to this page on wiki, which had such memorable lines as:

When cats are happy, they are known to paw their guardian, or that on which they sit, with a kneading motion. Cats often use this action alongside purring to show contentment and affection for their guardians. In the vernacular this action is often referred to as paddy-pawing, happy feet, making muffins (or biscuits), making butter, boop bopping, skronking, stompy, farfeling or treading paws.

Some of these totally made up terms for cats kneading people have to be reusable in the hillary and obama's fight battle boop bopping of the DLC.

There is after all only so many ways to say "fellate" and "rim", and if nothing else comes of that inane contest, a wider variety of ways to cuss out toadying suck ups should.

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