Thyngz Wot R Pantryerkle

The only reason hyghheels are ever paynful ys because of the effect of gravity upon someone walkyng around yn them.

Gravity = Pantryerkle.

Also, have you notyced how tanning ys used to oppress womyn wythyn the confynes of the Always-Sexual-Objectification-Matrix?

The Sun and/or melanine = Pantryerkle.

And let's face yt, the cat yn the ynfamous Schodynger's Cat thoughyt experyment ys nothyng more than a metaphor for female womynhoodyness, created by our vyle sexbot led pantryerkle masters so that MEN can fantisise about raping "they're" pussy and kyllyng to, ynsyde a lead box wyth a randomysed death machyne.

Quantum Supposition = Pantryerkle.

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