Sorry for the vacuity

It's just that I think I caught something off of my copy of the joys of yiddish.

Well it got damp, and now it's gone mouldy and I feel sick everytime I try reading it now.

I blame the bicycle riders.

ETA: I also splurged on Cherryh books, and have so far gotten up to date with the Foreigner series as a result of Bellatrys' little sociopolitical fandom analysis of the first book in the series from ages ago, and have just finished Cyteen, and am now starting on the Chanur series.

Note that when I say splurge I mean I am having to drop down to my "unemployed" dietary regime, which means I generally hover between 500 and 1000 cals every second day (calorie counting is the crazy lady's numerology) until I get my next paycheck through, so yes, posting will be light (which sucks considering the fact that obama and hillary are producing dumbassitude a plenty for mockage, I still have that rape post I promised to do last year to do, and amanda got hired, then attacked by catholics, then fired from the edwards campaign, thus obtaining the magical Jellyfish Shield for Edwards, which is strong against righteousness and logic but weak against feminist tokenism) because I'm feeling like crap, and I've got work, and my main sources of sustenance is entirely intellectual right now.

And on top of all that the next post will probably be an indepth analysis and comparison between Asimov's robots, Cherryh's Azis and Atevis, and the original socialist root concept of the "robot", because it fascinates me something chronic.

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