At least 30 dead in college shooting

From the BBC:

Eyewitnesses locked down inside the university buildings have been using the internet to try to glean information about what is happening and many have emailed the BBC News website.

Nikolas Macko was in a mathematics class in Norris Hall when they heard a series of loud bangs in the hallway which prompted a female student sitting near the door to move to close it.

"She peeked out into the hallway, and saw the shooter, so she immediately closed the door. Three other students moved a table that was in front of the room - it seats approximately 40 students at capacity - and barricaded it against the door.

"A few seconds later, the shooter tried to open the door, but my classmates kept it well shut, as they held the table against it from floor level.

"The shooter shot the door twice at chest level, which resulted in two holes in the door, one of which hit the podium in the front of the class room and the other continued out the window. At this point he reloaded, shot the door again - this shot did not penetrate - and moved on to the other classrooms," Mr Macko added.

So far, neither Kos nor Bill O'rly have yet to insult the dead in a misogynistic way.

Jack Thompson however, on FOX (of course), has already blamed video games for it.

MSNBC video has an interview with one of hte injured from the attack, says that the assailant was "asian", what ever the hell that means:

Note that the video is dated, but states that someone has been put in custody - though as the shooter is apparently dead, this brings up more questions as I can't find a second source that refers to any arrests whatsoever.

ETA: But wait, that's not all!

It turns out that the school didn't close down after the first lot of shooting, in which two students were killed, because they thought it was merely a domestic violence thing - because two dead bodies is apparently normal at Virgin Tech - and so waited two hours to actually inform other students that maybe they should know about it... by email.

At which point the second killing spree which took the lives of the other 30 people had already started.

Oh, and the Queen, yes, Elizabeth eyeeye, the largely pointless monarch of the british isles, is apparently "shocked" by the killings. The Emperor of Japan and Pope Ratzinger the Evil were apparently unavailable for comment.

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orange said...

Yeah, I have some serious problems with this. University policy on domestic violence is nothing to see here ? I've been angry about this all day, along with horrified, so thanks for articulating what I haven't been able to process.