Falsifiability and Occam's Midget 1

I'm getting really bored with all the bizarre hypothesii that people keep calling theories at the moment, so here's the thing:

Over teh next few weeks I'll be taking a harsh and as objective as possible look over seveal of the major feminist theories for falsifiability, and facing them off against popular MRA and hegemonic fables, especially those that are primarily designed to debunk the feminist ones.

This means I'll be checking various supposition, hypothesii and theories to see if A) they can be proven false at all (E.G. Are they falsifiable) and therefore B) whether or not they can be replaced by a comparable theory that runs: "It could be midgets.", a process I am labelling "Occam's Midget".


Renegade Evolution said...

Oh, RM, the government should be funding this! I eagerly await your findings!

nezua limón xolagrafik-jonez said...

"occam's midget"

you should be on the theory-naming board.

Chuckie K said...

Nothing to do with midgets, but I just wanted to say that of late when I find myself beset by the hungry demons, I have, in order to calm and fortify my provisional self, taken to chanting your name. It enjoins me: Arm ill dread! Arm ill dread! In consequence I find, our horror does armor us. In domitable out rage. (The final inference is suppressed in the interests of modesty and propriety.)

I greatly anticipate midgi-theory on the receiving end of the taunt, "Is it possible you are small?"

belledame222 said...

"You sound like a -tall person-. You are! You're -really- a GIANT, AREN'T YOU??"