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A Firefighter IS NOT a boxer who sets his opponents's shorts, literally, on fire during a fight.

In this manner....

Riot Police ARE NOT police officers who START riots.

I am seriously, motherfucking, seriously disturbed by the number of people I'm seeing who have been whipping out the bizarro world belief that the treatment of protestor by the LAPD at the MacArthurland park protest, something which involved the LAPD's wonderful men in their stupid ass big blue crabsuits, riding motorcycles at peaceful protestors followed shortly by them opening up with those lovely conceited "non-lethal" rubber bullet baton guns, was totally justified because... well someone threw stones! At those big strong men in their bullet proof helmets, and jackets, and shields! They must have been soooo scared!

Just: What The Fuck people!?

Also, in unrelated news...

I still think that the whole "oh but writers don't have much control over their covers! squeee! SQUEEEE!" thing about Jessica's book was bullshit.

We're supposed to be changing the fucking world, making it a nice fucking place for all women and shit.

I think that in future we should make it mandatory that every feminist understand that they have to actually fight for their right to have full control over:

Their bodies
Their book covers

...BEFORE they publish any damn thing, I mean jesus fucking christ, you're allowing the publisher to make money off of your writing, and yet somehow you can't stick your foot down and demand they actually give your book a cover that isn't stupid?

Don't be so desperate to publish, to get attention, to make money, that you forget to actually attempt to have some control over what people do with your voice.

And if the publishing industry by definition won't let you do that, well then.

Isn't that interesting?

I guess if you can't climb the fucking wall, well you can either learn to like your life this side of the wall, or you better get digging.

I do not like accepting fucked up things as "just hte way things are, whatcha gonna do eh?" followed by the person saying that doing nothing to actually change things.

If something broke, you don't keep pretending like it ain't. And you fucking well do something about it.

Preferably set fire to something.

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