...And Oh My God, it's written on toilet paper...

I find myself rereading V for Vendetta alot recently.

One specific bit actually.

The bit with Valerie's note.

For those of you who haven't read the comic, Valerie's note is a few scraps of tiolet paper, on which is written the brief autobiography of a lesbian who is being held and experimented on in a british death camp in the story's dystopian post-nuclear "future".

This letter is read by the two main characters of the story, at different points in the tale, and both times it transforms the character and forces them, and gives them true soul deep strength, to fight the tyranny that is trying to destroy them utterly.

It's not much really, I probably shouldn't find it to be as emotionally poingnant as I do find it.

It's a just a short tale of one lesbian's life, from her early school years, to her time just before the facist takeover of britain, when she was happy, and a moderatly successful actress, in a relationship with a woman who she loved, and finishes with how it all ends.

It seems so true, and so beautiful.

Bfp, I hope you come back from your bad place, and can find a way to cope with the cowards and idiots who want you to be silent, to no longer spread your thruths and your beauty, just like I hope nubian comes back yet.

You, and other men and women like you, say your truths, and they are so beautiful, in contrast to the ugly silences that usually surround all the things and feelings you all blog about.

I hope you find a place to grow your roses.


Sassywho said...

I hope she finds peace first, and then the strength to continue to share.

we need those voices to create a movement that is for all women, and that won't happen if we keep pushing them away.

nezua limón xolagrafik-jonez said...

ah...that is a great note. and some desperate moments, wherein she pulls it out, finds it. and a beautiful story, agreed.

word on bfp. when the grief wears off i'm sure she'll remember the good she gets from doing it, the good she feels, the good others get from it—i hope so, that is. but i think anyone who cares deeply needs those release valves, vents, breaks, lulls. i do understand this frustration in dealing with other parts of tha 'sphere...i think those harsh realizations are good for reorienting, myself. redefinining. not so bad, pain of growth sometimes.

Bubbas' Nightmare said...

"V. V. V. V. V."

"Evey, Evey, Evey, Evey, Evey."

I love Valerie's story, especially how V ends it:

"She was the woman in Room 4."

Love that book. Don't care for the movie much, but then Alan Moore tends to write comics that don't translate well to the screen.

Try his "Promethia" series. Great mythology, and a good story to carry it.

ms_xeno said...

Shit. I hardly know bfp, but that sucks. What the hell happened ? :(