OMG, big sorries everyone

Uh, this was a problem I had back at punkassblog as well.

Basically, everyone who's been emailing me over the last month or so - I just checked my email for the first time in ages.

So I've got that invitation to the feminist carnival (which was @ kitkats critique, which, if you missed it at the time, can be found here) from april in there, and all sorts of other stuff.

Anyway, to everyone I haven't replied to, sorry about, I may now still not reply to you, but that's just because I go really weird when I get complimented (on account of buddhism, which somehow taught me that everyone who's complimenting me is secretly throwing a very veiled insult at me every time they compliment me, and I don't know whether I should reply in anger or take it at face value, so I don't reply at all), also laziness and I live a hectic lifestyle, so I can but throw my hands up in the air a declare that I can't make any promises about future answerings.

In future I'll try to check my email now that people are actually emailing me stuff, but consider an email to me like a lottery that's been heavily weighted to pay out more often than not - but that still doesn't mean it will neccesarily pay out for you in particular, and therefore there's only ever a rough chance I'll reply, and it's not really anyone fault, and certainly not an intentional snubbing.

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