Snakes and Ladder Pullers

So donna posts that post I've been meaning to post about ladder pullers.

Proving that poc are the real pre-retroactive post-stealers (and anyone who knows what the hell that even means is smarter than I am).

Okay I don't have anything to add really, but to clear why the term ladder puller is used to describe what donna is talking about:

A ladder generally requires two people for it to be safe - one person to climb it and one person to keep the bottom from slipping or moving as the first guy climbs it.

A ladder puller is the person who, upon climbing the ladder that the second person has kept secure for him, pulls the ladder up after him, so that he can move up to the next level beyond that.

It's been coined alot recently to describe the phenomenon of people like Markos "really pretentious" Moulitsa who, while coming from "non-white" ethnic groups, and indeed, being the descendants of an el salvador immigrant mother and greek immigrant father, nonetheless are very careful of distancing themselves as far from the immigration rights movement as they possibly can while, and in part because, they are doing everything in their power to snuggle upto the mainstream and hugely white supremicist media and political parties in exchange for "power" and "legitimacy" within those arenas.

And generally the price of such legitimacy within white dominant and supremicist social groups, is that they A) colonise themselves on behalf of the people they're sucking off and B) they must react as though everyone else who attempts to make it without giving away everything they have given up, is somehow cheating and reacting quite violently to such people (which is why you can always find a few "made it" latin@ immigrants who think the minutemen are a wondeful idea, and muslims who think that muslims need to engage in even more denouncements of extremist conservative muslims, while at the same time covering for extremist conservative westerners).

Because white racists know how important it is for their "non-white" allies to speak out against anti-racists, if the racists are to get away with their bullshit unmolested.

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