Simple answers to complex questions #23

Why is paying for sex still illegal?

Because if it wasn't illegal, we would have to wait for the dems majority in all the sections of goverment that count to fucking impeach repugs for tryanny, mass murder, willful incompetence and general purpose reckless endangerment of the public (which would be shrill and lose the dems votes just like impeaching Clinton for blowjobs led to Nader winning the 2000 election*), and then we'd never get the bastards out of the government.

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* It should be noted that most centrists appear to still be under the mistaken impression that nader actually did win the 2000 election, and that nader for some reason allowed 9/11 and started the iraq war, even as they also believe that George Bush stole the 2000 election with massive quantities of voter fraud.

Why so many electric monks hang around Jesus General and Dkos, I have no idea.


Sassywho said...

the sick thing is, i know more couples than not who negotiate sex as a bargaining tool... blowjob=birthdays, threesome=new car, anal=stay out as long as you like with the girls, and other forms that seem just a tad more demeaning to me than some green ya know?

arrogantworm said...

Mmhm. But if it's even suggested that it's often used as a bargaining tool between some couples, people flip out. Although that might depend on who's doing the suggesting, and delicacy/tact was never my forte. I thought relationships dealt heavily with compromise, not an exchange of favors. Especially if someone is bartering for 'privileges'. That's...well, low. Controlling behavior.