Poking Heart

This is what a currently in moderation post over at IBTP looks like:

What I am saying is, the issue of woman-only space is a watershed issue because trans activists have made it a watershed issue. It’s clearly important *to them*. And they have, hence, made it an issue *for us*. It is such an important issue that radical feminist organizations — shoestring, mostly-volunteer — have been sued over it, and some have been closed down, or nearly closed down, *by trans activists*. There are important reasons for this which are obvious to those of us who have actually been involved in the discussion. Based on what I’ve read that you’ve written, I don’t think you have *been* part of the discussion.

umm… okay, but that still doesn’t actually explain anything really, I mean, why was it important enough in the first place to make enough of an issue about it to make them have an issue for you to then react to? And more to the point, if there isn’t an actual reason aside form a rather gender binary supporting definition of womanhood, that relies on some belief (and correct me if I’m wrong here) in everlasting spirit penii forever emprivelagemasizing people who, despite having once been born as men, and even socialised as men even as they themselves rejected that socialised masculinity to the degree that they fail to actually identify with at all, actually, as of the moment they’re going to a women’s only space as a fully transitioned woman, have to live as a woman does and also having to deal with a further level of oppression as a result of being transexual and having had the extra experience that neither cisgender women nor cisgender men have of being a transitioning transwoman, in a transphobic, homophobic, and misogynistic society that hates BOTH women and, for want of a better term, gender traitors such as femme men, gay men or transwomen, then what the hell is the overriding point of all this, exactly?

I love the whole idea that transpeople are just spontaneously oppressing cultural feminists to the point where the cultural feminists are forced to actually oppress transwomen back.

It all just happened guv'nor, nothing to do with me, he lunged at me while I was waving this knife of mine around and intentionally forced me to stab him repeatedly, honest!

Why am I hanging around IBTP you ask? Well I would be forced to point out that asking me that is oppresive towards catholics, again.


Veronica said...

Ok. So, because you attempted to use the phrase "gender traitors" in a conversation with Heart, I have to say that I Officially Love You.

You are a special, special delight, upon whom I bestow my Eternal Affection. Thank you.


Veronica said...

No really... that just pleases me beyond reason.

antiprincess said...

I'd go over there myself but my brain would bash through my skull and run away.

belledame222 said...

Oooo, she dinna like that, did she?