Wait a sec...

First of all, wasn't mnemosyne the one who derailed that thread on pandagon about immigrant families being split up and young babies being almost dehydrated to death because ZOMG, How Darez u moxorz the Sofia Coppella you meanie overdog picker onner youeze, like s/he derailed those threads on FFF recently becuase they apparently weren't about the white menz enough (or something)?

Second off, why isn't BA angrier dammit? I put forth that BA is not nearly angry enough to be taken seriously as a blogger. All this possibility of going to the allied media conference is leaving her unbearably perky and shrill. I suggest we throw money at her until she gets pissed off at the fearsome monetary paper cuts she shall undoubtably suffer.

And then we can return to excluding her for being too angry again.

White folk are Goldilocks, and POC are our ever-unsatisfying porridges.

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debbie said...

If I'm remembering correctly, mnemosyne also claimed that heterosexual women were not more privileged than lesbians since they are more likely to be assaulted or murdered by their partners (during a thread about marriage). I'm going to dig that one up. It almost made me delurk on feministe, and I didn't.