Dear Ren,

Don't make a hard done by sighin noise, if you have some aspect of your work that you find troublesome, especially when it comes to tings like condom use, fucking talk with your fellow sex workers and fucking well unionize so that changes can be made.

I mean, geez, don't be twisty, ACT!


Renegade Evolution said...

rM: you assume I haven't? Just because I complain about something and state the way I see it to be does not mean I agree with it or don't say anything about it, really. However, one must remember this is HOW I make my living, and while overall I do like it, sometimes there are things about I don't like....just like anyone else in their job. Now, if that is yet another case of stupid out of me that makes your brain hurt, sorry.

R. Mildred said...

Work conditions that don't pay extra but risk you your life are really shocking BAD work conditions ren.

They should pay you for the risk, they do not, whatcha doing about it then?

Renegade Evolution said...

RM: i do get paid more for bb, and for more extreme acts.

If I don't trust that the person i am working with is not clean, or their paperwork is not as new or comprehensive as it should be, i don't work with them, i tell other folk not to work with them. Its not a huge battle cry, but it's something. I also encourage people who make their own stuff (ie, content providers, to use condoms more often).