LOLZ Anti-choice myth turns out to be not such a bad thing

...and the times sucks at science.

basically the artifical steroids used in RU486 are being studied to see if they might not actually work as a better version of the "The Pill", in so far as the new pills shouldn't lead to funky periods and all the interesting side-effects that keep some women from being unable to use the current ones.

And yes, this means that in the future, women will be, in effect, popping what is essentially RU486 every day, just like the anti-choicers said we were doing already (though admittedly, not because they're just so damn tasty, but because doing so would mean we could avoid having to have full blown abortions, anti-choicers by any other name would still be just as ironic).

I saw this story in New Scientist, but ended up at that dated Times story trying to find another source.

What intrigues me is how they (the times) couch the thing though, for instance:

Women taking the new Pill, which contains no female hormones [because hormones don't have genitalia, and thus, can't be gendered - RM], would have no periods and would thus be unlikely to suffer from pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS). The contraceptive is also thought to carry a lower risk of blood clots than existing varieties.

So got that ladies, you won't be all cranky and irrational cuz of your out of control wombs (and it's pre-menstrual stress isn't it?), which is important.

Oh, and you won't have those nasty life threatening blood clots any more (not important).

thank you for that.

I'm waiting for the vatican to wade in. This may yet be deeply amusing.

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Sassywho said...

but my lady hormones go well with my lady bits.

they're pink so that everyone knows i'm a girl.....