I.C.E and Stars

I appear to have a bad case of the Wikipedias, inso far as I was looking at some stuff on youtube, and I got lost and after a series of intrigued clikthrus found this video;

...Which neatly gives the sort of ridiculous scales involved when talkign about stars and planets.

Of course the most randomised comment also makes this video notable;

Report & Deport ILLEGAL ALIENS--- National I.C.E Number: (866) 347-2423

Use the number below to get your local Detention and Removal Immigration office number. This might expedite the process of deporting the illegal aliens out of our country.

National Federal information #: (800) 333-4636

Detention & Removal Immigration office #'s

Los Angeles #:(213) 830-7911

San Diego #:(619) 557-6117

San Francisco #: (415) 844-5512

Any legal eagles in the audience? it is illegal to phone these peeps up and give them false info right? even if you do it from a pay phone, an act I totally do not condone, isn't it?

Though you gotta admit, if those goddamn aliens wouldn't come over here with their goddamn giant suns global warming probably wouldn't be a problem.


The Unapologetic Mexican said...

man. fucking secret police help wanted ads. how chic.

R. Mildred said...

Well I like the retro aspect of it, that whole "Spirit of McCarthy" thing that the immigration "debate", as it's quaintly being called (don't you just love those sorts of "debates" where one side of the debate isn't allowed to say anything, and they and thier children get put in detention centers and shot if they even so much as try?), has exposed in america.

The kicker is that either A) this is a government or minuteman spambot or B) the douche who posted that is actually getting paid by the government to spam forums and youtube wiht this crap. Various public companies have been pay folks to do the same for a while now (jerome armstrong, Kos' ex-blogging pal, actually dropped off the blogosphere because of a similar, highly illegal, stock market version of that), as have both arms of the mainstream political monopoly, so...