Oh right, the anon thing...

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The hilarity of the context for this comic (which I swiped from scansdaily) is over at bint's.

You see, there's this group calling themselves "anonymous", which is like such an original name that only most of the poets, artists, philosophers, mathematicians and writers from world history have called themselves that, except they didn't do it on purpose, and these noobs are idiots who suck at life and so give the historical anonymouses something of a bad name. Hell, they even give those nameless artists who did all those goofy looking profile-only ancient egyptian carvings a bad name, and they could never get the heads right, even when they weren't furrsicuting the isrealites with their silly animal headed gods (no offense intended to you Ganesh, you knows I loves ya, ya big burning hunk of anthropomorphic personification you).

These guys appear to be rejects from 4Chan, which some of the more knowledgable members of the blogosphere may remember as being a seething mass of lame jokes, quickly killed internet memes and pedophilic japanese porn comics, because you know that such noble defenders of truth, justice, and Frank Miller's repetitive narrative style must, by definition, fap to little girls being raped by tentacles in their spare time, because as the republican party has clearly shown, pedophiles = teh lame, and as Frank miller's All Star Batman and Robin the boy wonder has shown, reptitive and bloated self-love = pedophilia (if the republican party doesn't also prove that anyway).

They're also "legion" apparently, to such an extent that they repeat the declaration that they're "legion" at least three times - to be fair I lost interest by the third recitation, so it may have been more, the bloated histrionics and over the top use of verbs gave me epic "lulz" to such an extent that I didn't really care about what they were specifically talking about.

Which I have a sneaking suspicion was complete crap, but as I said, I can neither confirm nor deny that hunch, because it's such a snooze fest.

people need to be getting a life now, or maybe just plain moving out of mom's basement some time during the second half of your life, hmm?

Kept waiting for the declaration that they were "the goddamn legion" or to cut a police car in half with the batmobile, but it never happened, unfortunately.

All of which means that it's like Heart has found her long lost twin or something! I can practically hear the wedding bells ringing for when the anons and heart and lucky all have their big ass group marriage together...

Sure they act mean towards each other, but you know they're just covering up their true feelings. And while I doubt the anon crowd are any more into women than heart or the rest of the "political lesbians" are, I'm sure that they'll be able to acquire the equipment neccesary to give the poor lonely WATB's of anon the buttsexing they creamed their jeans dreaming of in highschool english.

Unless the "political lesbians" have an issue about peniii that aren't "penii born penii" or something.

But even if you do ladies, you've got to remember that that's the thing about marriage: If they're to work in the long run you've got to be prepared to make compromises now and again, take Louise and Clark's marriage for instance, he was superman, she was louis lane, she went on to act in desperate housewives, he ended up starring in a series of not entirely bad made-for-TV Sci-Fi movies. The analogy is cryptic and inpenetrable, but bear with me for a second, because I'd like to get serious now.

And no, the shit that they're throwing at The Thin Black Duke ain't right, and doesn't make sense, well, doesn't make grown up sense, undoubtably shouting "nigger" at someone becuase they're got higher standarsd, more brains and a house their mom isn't paying the bills for makes some kinda sense to the emotionally retarded wankpuddles who're attacking him for not being okay with randomised attempts to shut people down by threatening to rape them.

And no it doesn't matter if the threats are credible or not, any such threat is credible enough in this society that it becomes what I consider to be "really fucked up", even if the targets are hate speech spouting crusty asswipes who's conception of freedom is so small minded, selfish, petty and disgusting that I find myself actaully feeling conflicted emotions regarding people threatening them with rape for fuck's sake.

I mean, I have nothign but sympathy for the crap Twisty got in all this, and I disagree so strongly with twisty that it's not even funny, but Heart makes twisty seem sane and smart and progressive by comparison and so it's far far more complex due to it being Schadenfraude as well as fucked up in the exceptional cases of the nasty ass femibigots like Heart.

Which is funny, because as much as I agree whole heartedly with bint's stance on this, I really want to agree more with Kevin's, because his is a really awesome position to take on it, and on some level I think it's the better one, if you get my meaning.

But Bint's got a damn good point, and my rational side can brook no arguement with it even as my heart wants cry "oh the hell with it! You may be a vile hatemongering waste of assjiuces, but we're all people here and this shit is not justified!"

Of course the reason, my rational side points out, that I agree more with bint regardless of that urge, is because Heart would undoubtably reply to such a declaration that "we're all people" by arguing that we're not all people actually, and that sex workers, transexuals and men who she's not married to or making political babies with right at this second, are not in fact "people" but are really evil patriarchal upside-down cakes from outer space or wahtever...


Renegade Evolution said...

upside down angel food cake, devils food cake, spice cake, or pineapple upside down cake? I NEED to know this...

Sassywho said...

i'm glad you're still here!

Chris said...

You know, this is one of the clearest summations of the issue I've seen.

Hey and off topic, wanted to tell you that your description of the Death Star over at my joint was the funniest thing I'd read that week. Like, people linking to it in their LiveJournals funny.

R. Mildred said...

Actaully it's all complete crap because the anonymous crew seems to actually be actual nazis.

Which I'm pretty sure wins someone an internet or two.

upside down angel food cake, devils food cake, spice cake, or pineapple upside down cake? I NEED to know this...

Which ever one best supports a nonsensical arguement involving false conciousness, possibly the pineapple one.

Anonymous said...

that comic perversely reminds me of the first handful of pages of Robert Anton Wilson's Illuminatus! trilogy.

i read through that thing in what amounted to one sitting, and it wasn't until i was all the way through that i realized, they never did get back to the damn squirrel.