Remedial Strawmandagon bullshit class - now in lolcat format!

Amanda is being stupid again!

The trouble is that half the carp she spouts in that thread requires knowing wha thte hell actually happened during burkagate last year so for those who widsely avoided the whole thing he's a refresher course in the Blizzard of '06 - in lolcat format for maximmum justice.

First there was the clinton harlem blogging lunch that provoked the predictable response that led ot people wondering how the hell you organise a tea part yin harlem and some how manage to avoid having ANY black people whatsoever attend:

Then ann althouse jumped in with some highly pertinent gibberish:

Which caused Amanda to fail big time in valenti's defence:

Which provoked coherent and well reasoned outrage amongst the section of the blogosphere that was conspicuously absent from the original blizzard, and which, due to UNICORNS (or something), required to Amanda unleashing her butthurt upon the world:

But strangely enough that didn't seem to help, leading Marcotte to have to kick the butthurt up a notch, BAM! Left blogistan stylee:

Fighting continues unabated for much of the next year until...

This shit is, as you may guess, getting tiresome.


KH said...

Ah, good times. Added bonus: the flash-card approach makes it easy for even an unlettered child to understand.

lloyd Webber said...

that is too beautiful words

Lloyd Webber said...

that should read "that is too beautiful for words"

Elaine Vigneault said...

Great, now I'm all caught up. KTHXBY.

kactus said...

Whoo! That was brilliant, Ms. RM.