A Modest Proposal, for all those concerned folks out there

Posted this over at apostate's blog:

You do realise that the logical end point of your thesis actually still makes the parents of both ashley and leslie into barbarians monsters, if not actually communist traitors of some kind, right?

Because if we do accept that we must perform peter pan ops and start fiddling with little kids genitalia due to A) rape being an absolute known fact of their future* and B) the fact that they are aware enough of their surroundings to actually find menstruation, rape and giving birth traumatic**, then the only sensible thing to do to people suffering from severe mental disabilities is to either:

1) give them a full blown sex change, because if we accept premise A and B this half assed hysterectomy crap just isn't good enough, because she'll still be raped, she just won't be able to be impregnated, while changing her sex would actually solve the entire rape problem* to a large extent.

Or failing that, 2) fuck all this scooping out internal organs that her body kinda needs to regulate her endocrine system, instead, surgeons should just go in and cut off the various nerves that allow her to actually sense the world around her, because the problem vis a vis "her" "welfare" largely rests on her being able to be traumatised, which would be kinda hard for the hollow lump of flesh that has stolen the form of a human being in question to do if they did the truly kind thing, which is to make her even more disabled than she already is.

Also, full amputation of most of her body would be ideal with option number 2, in fact - if it was scientifically possible of course - we really should just parse her down to a head in a jar, as that would alleviate both herself and her carers of the burden of her having a body, with, like, fluids and other gross stuff.

* which is the most charming aspect of the whole thing if you ask me, "disabled women are being raped, quick! whip our their ovaries so we won't know about it!"
**which is where the constant fetii/teri schiavio comparisons stop working of course, because neither fetii nor teri were that aware, and teri had actually made it clear that she wanted to die if she became a vegetable, but never mind "logic" dude. Seriously, when comparing stuff, the things you compare must do so because they share some sort of commonality, if I compare pickles and baby seals because they're both abstract two dimensional shapes, that's gibberish, not logic.
*** this of course means that the ashley treatment is bad as well, because people who fuck mentally disabled women will fucked mentally disabled girls just as readily, therefore only a full FTM sex change operation has any real chance of keeping the plague of nursing home rapists that is sweeping the first world away from the genitalia of these poor ickly "pillow angels".

Too modest a proposal? not modest enough?

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DaisyDeadhead said...

As the guy who owned the evil antique shop in the defunct Friday the 13th TV show used to say:

It all makes a horrible sense.