Oh For Fuck's Sake: part the eighteen buzillionth

Bit late to the party but anyhoo...

Everyone has by know heard of the whole thing where some fucking cobwebbed wazzo'd female brain-eunuch of the law has, no doubt due to her republican fairy of a husband no longer putting out for her any more, decided that she among all other of the tokenista judges, vile and hateful though such ranks be, would get to be one of the first female judges in ameircan hisotry to actually slut shame an actual, literal, slut.

Of course this has strangely been condemned by many a folk.

But let me tell you how it's actually a good thing.

Now I'll be writing apologetics for this bloated sack of dyshuman bastardry. not because I beleive any of the crap I'll be shoveling, but because I am sick and fed up and tired of Jeffy-poo, Trexy-poo, Avorosis-poo, Malkin-poo (the new jersey satanic cybertransvestite him/herself) and Hamsher, and Kosimandius King of Kings having all the fun writing nonsensical apologetics for teh infinite evils that they prop up for shits and money.

Also I should probably mention the classism at some point, as it keeps disappearing in the discussion of such things (usually in between the gap made of "but they're such nice boys" and people being able to decode that not to subtle bundle of codewords used to obfuscate the fuckedupness of their inhumanity) so here ya go: classism is at work, along with racism and of course both of those together form up like voltron in this case to also make it sexism as well. So it's a trifectra, made by a woman but evil like a man.

So the judgette has declared that a protitute was raped, but that that's just "theft of services" or whatever. Well clearly that's a good thing, becuase under US law, rape is a misdemeanor, pushing 30 year old teachers is a federal offence and property crimes get the death penalty, especially when folks be wearing shoes.
So what the judge has quite cleverly done in her redefining the rape as a form of theft, is make it a property crime of a kind, and hence something which won't be taken to trial in a way that treats the victim like the criminal and cause a guzzilliion middle aged fratboys to bitch and whine about how the bitch be clearly lying on account of how if this was on CSI they would have pried fingerrpints out of the air, swabbed a passing high pressure front for DNA samples, whizzed it through the DNA verification thingiemajig in about 5 minutes, and it would have all been sorted out by the second set of commercials.

And yes I know the judge actually equated the rape with "loss of services" and made her trying to actually get the bastards convicted of rape akin to macdonalds suing someone for making hamburgers at home, but THAT's the whole point of apologetics, if it at all matched up with reality then it wouldn't be apologetics in the first place.

Now where'd I put my whisky dammit?

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bint alshamsa said...

I haven't seen anybody discuss it in that way. It is pretty fucked up that property crimes carry more penalties than rape.

Pass the whiskey when you're done with it. I think I need a sip.