Substantial posts in the pipeline

got at least two sizable posts that are verging on completion Had two posts taht were verging on completion until I just fucking deleted them by accident, but in the mean time, here's two funny webcomics:


And it will never fail to amuse me how "abortion is worse than the holocaust" has entered into the realm of the cliche.

ETA: Here's two very funny comics by Big Big Truck (who is largely responsible for getting me addicted to Robbie Robertson's music), who did these two comics about Nice Guys, and had taken them off her site.

Or so I thought, until I did some judicious googling, and discovered that with a nifty bit of url hackage one could find the damn comics were still on her site technically, they just weren't linked anywhere and so were hidden from mortal eyesight.

But instead of linking directly, I'll post the two comics here and we shall all pretend that I totally just saved them once upon a time to a hard drive.
Niceguy2 by BBT:

Niceguy3 by BBT:

She's also a good "real" artist if you have some cash and would like something painted (not fences or interior decor)


Daisy said...

Dern you, R Mildred! I was expecting jokey-jokey from you over Umbert, and instead, here you are taking a lil bloggy-break! That's no fun!

Anyway, here's Umbert the Unborn for your ongoing edification. :)

ArrogantWorm said...

The bottom comic is superb,n'it was an interesting 'lil hit to find out someone else also knows the old meaning of 'nice'.